Michael Kurland Books in Order

The Michael Kurland books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Michael Kurland books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Alexander Brass Books

Too Soon Dead

Kurland, Michael 1997
In 1935, a mysterious man offers Alexander Brass photographs of prominent people engaged in questionable activities, but when the stranger turns up dead in the offices of an anti-Nazi group, Brass is drawn into something far more sinister than blackmail. Read More

The Girls in the High-Heeled Shoes

Kurland, Michael 1998

Two-Headed Mary, the philanthropic panhandler who dresses like a society matron when she approaches theatergoers for donations to nonexistent charities, is missing. So is sidelined hoofer Billie Trask, who disappeared from the cashier’s office of K.

Jeffrey Welton’s hit show Lucky Lady with the weekend take. Could either of them have followed a third Broadway babe, Fine and Dandy chorine Lydia Laurent—whose strangled, nude body, accompanied by two complete suits of clothing, has been found in Central Park? If this seems like an awful lot of women in jeopardy, Two-Headed Mary turns out to have enough separate identities to populate a small European monarchy: She’s claimed under various guises by a Broadway hanger-on, a daughter, a husband, and a big-time con man, the Professor, who’s got even more cover stories than she does.

Since the police are as helpless as they always are in 1935, it falls to New York World columnist Alexander Brass and his cheerfully wide-eyed sidekick Morgan DeWitt to dig up the truth.

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Publication Order of Chronicles of Elsewhen Books


Kurland, Michael 2011

When the young apprentice Delbit Quint is "bought" by Dr. Faineworth, he arrives in an alternate history version of New York City to help the good doctor with his investigation of "Exxa." This beautiful young woman had just appeared from nowhere, without clothing, on the streets of Gotham two weeks earlier, her memories of herself and her background completely lost.

But when they go to her cell, they find it empty--save for her loose garments. Thus begins a glorious adventure in parallel universe-jumping, as Delbit discovers the reality of the world in which he lives--and the many other strange and interesting variations of Earth surrounding it in the Paraverse.

Not all of those who've developed the capability of jumping to these alternate realities are friendly, however. And ALL of them want Exxa, who has the unique ability of moving from one world to the other without mechanical assistance. Great SF and fantasy adventure by a master storyteller!

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Publication Order of Greenwich Village Books

The Butterfly Kid

Anderson, Chester 1967

"One of the more trippy, but very interesting novels among New Wave sci-fi books." — Futurism.comThere's always a fresh new face in Greenwich Village, but this one belongs to someone special — a dude who can create living butterflies out of nothing.

The Butterfly Kid shows up at exactly the same time as a powerful new drug: Reality Pills, which transform fantasies into physical reality. Chester Anderson and his circle of pot-smoking poets and musicians are eager to investigate this mind-bending narcotic until they realize it's being distributed by lobster-shaped giants from outer space.

Now Chester and a gaggle of heads and hipsters are all that stand between the planet's freedom and its enslavement by aliens.Nominated for a 1968 Hugo Award, The Butterfly Kid is a prime example of science fiction's New Wave Movement, a stylistically experimental trend of the 1960s and 1970s.

This comically surrealistic tale is the first installment of the Greenwich Village Trilogy, a shared-world scenario written by three different authors, all of whom appear in the books as characters. Dover Publications returns this volume to print for the first time in nearly 40 years, along with its sequels, The Unicorn Girl and The Probability Pad.

This edition features a new Foreword by Peter S. Beagle, author of the fantasy classic The Last Unicorn.

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The Probability Pad

Waters, T.A. 1970

After a trip to San Francisco that led to an odyssey in search of a lost unicorn, time-traveling hippie heroes Chester, Michael, and T.A. return to New York City where they're confronted with duplicates of themselves — and everyone else! To once again save the planet from an evil scheme by invaders from space, they'll have to take on the Hallucitron, a mind-blowing invention that produces illusions more powerful than those created by any drug.

Originally published in 1970 as “a freaked-out science-fiction fantasy — blasting the outer limits of your mind!” The Probability Pad is the third book in the Greenwich Village Trilogy, a shared-world scenario written by three different authors, all of whom appear in the books as characters.

Dover Publications returns this psychedelic adventure to print for the first time in nearly 40 years, along with its predecessors, The Butterfly Kid and The Unicorn Girl. This edition features a new Foreword by Barbara Hambly, former president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

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The Unicorn Girl

Kurland, Michael 2019

"Settle in for a trip to a wonderful half-real, half-imaginary era." — Richard A. Lupoff Mike and Chester, the alien-fighting hippies of The Butterfly Kid, have found their way from New York City to San Francisco — but that's just the first step of their odyssey.

When Mike meets the girl of his dreams, he and Chester join her and her circus friends on a quest in search of a lost unicorn. Psychedelic hilarity ensues as they travel through time to encounter Victorian nudists, fire-breathing dragonettes, and live dinosaurs.

Touted as a "brain-blowing science-fiction freak out" upon its 1969 publication, The Unicorn Girl is the second book in the Greenwich Village Trilogy, a shared-world scenario written by three different authors, all of whom appear in the books as characters.

Dover Publications returns this cosmic adventure to print for the first time in nearly 40 years, along with its predecessor, The Butterfly Kid, and its sequel, The Probability Pad. This edition features an appreciative new Foreword by science-fiction author Richard A.


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Publication Order of Lord Darcy Books

Lord Darcy

Randall Garrett 1966

Lord Darcy, Chief Investigator for the Duke of Normandy, and his assistant, Master Sorcerer Sean O'Lochlainn, use their occult powers and deductive skills to solve mysteries and bring criminals to justice, in an omnibus edition containing all of Lord Darcy's adventures, originally published as Too Many Magicians, Murder and Magic, and Lord Darcy Investigates.


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Too Many Magicians

Garrett, Randall 1966
Book by Garrett, Randall Read More

Too Many Magicians

Garrett, Randall 1966

Set in an alternate reality where Richard the Lionheart’s descendants rule the Anglo-French Empire, the laws of magic have developed in place of the laws of physics. In this late 20th century world, people still travel through pea fog by horse and carriage, but magic has made levitation and enchantment spells the norm, especially at a sorcerer’s convention.

The International Sorcerer’s Convention is in full swing. Until London’s Chief Forensics Sorcerer, Sir James Zwinge, is found dead inside a locked room, that is. Master Sean O Lochlainn had been at odds with Sir James over competing breakthroughs in incision-free surgery, making him the prime suspect.

It’s up to Lord Darcy to solve Sir James’ murder and exonerate his own forensic sorcerer and trusted assistant.But the mystery deepens when the murder of a Naval spy is connected to that of Sir James’ death. Conflict with Poland, a dominating world power, changes the game and suddenly there is a lot more at stake than the freedom of Lord Darcy’s old friend.

 Too Many Magicians was nominated for the Hugo Award in 1967, and the complete Lord Darcy series later won the Sideways Award for Alternate History.

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Murder and Magic

Randall Garrett 1973
1st Ace 1981 edition paperback vg++ book In stock shipped from our UK warehouse Read More

Murder and Magic

Garrett, Randall 1973

This Sidewise Award-winning series starring detective Lord Darcy and his sorcerer sidekick, Sean O Lochlainn, takes us into an alternate reality where Richard the Lionheart’s descendants rule the Anglo-French Empire and the laws of magic have developed in place of the laws of physics.

Murder and Magic, comprised of the first four stories of the acclaimed Lord Darcy series, finds Lord Darcy solving murders using his wits, a keen eye for observation, and a few choice magic tricks. In “The Eyes Have it,” Lord Darcy must figure out who killed the taciturn playboy, the Count D’Evreux.

In the political thriller “A Case of Identity,” Lord Darcy picks apart the disappearance of the Marquis of Cherbourg, especially mysterious considering the escalating cold war with Poland. Lord Darcy and Master Sean investigate a body coated in blue paint already occupying a coffin built for the late Duke of Kent in “The Muddle of the Woad.

” Literary humor is at the heart of “In a Stretch of the Imagination,” where the head of an important publishing house commits suicide under suspicious circumstances.

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Lord Darcy Investigates

Garrett, Randall 1979
"God may save the king, but Lord Darcy serves him---and serves him well." Read More

Ten Little Wizards

Kurland, Michael 1988
Lord Darcy, Investigator in Chief for the Court of Good King John, and Sean O Lochlainn, a top forensic sorcerer, investigate the muder of Master Raimun DePlessis, whose body is found in a locked room Read More

A Study in Sorcery

Kurland, Michael 1989

In an alternate history in which the Plantagenets still rule in England, France, and the New World, and where the science of magic has displaced the magic of science, Lord Darcy is the official representative of King John IV to investigate murders and other bizarre crimes, and Master Sean O Lochlainn his forensic magician sidekick.

An Azteque prince is sacrificed at the top of an abandoned Azteque pyramid in New England, his heart torn from his chest in a fashion discarded hundreds of years earlier. Unless Darcy and Sean can uncover the how and why of the crime, the fragile peace between the Angevin settlers of New England and the Azteque Empire may soon be broken.

Another first-class authorized continuation of the magical detective series begun by the late Randall Garrett.

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Publication Order of Professor Moriarty Books

The Infernal Device


When American journalist Benjamin Barrett is sent to Constantinople to report on the sea trials of a new submarine, the assignment soon becomes more eventful than he had predicted: the submarine explodes in front of his eyes; he aids a certain Professor when the latter is attacked by a gang of toughs; and he is arrested for the murder of a British spy.

However, the Professor comes to his aid, and arranges for his official death and transport to London. Moriarty makes him a proposition: to repay his debt, he will work for him for two years, and aid him in the business he has been engaged on by the Russian government.

There is a mysterious masked agent Trepoff seeking to sow anarchy and destruction, and Moriarty must track him down and prevent a catastrophic attack at the highest echelons of British society, if only Sherlock Holmes will stop meddling in his affairs.


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The Great Game

Kurland, Michael 2001

July 2014 Titan Books trade paperback, Michael Kurland (Ten Little Wizards: A Lord Darcy Novel). Benjamin Barnett and his wife, the former Cecily Perrine are travelling in Europe when they realize that they have become objects of scrutiny from persons unknown.

Using his contacts, friends, and the not-so-desired help of his often nemesis Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty must save his friends and outwit his most cunning opponent while the fate of history hangs in the balance. - Amazon

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The Empress of India

Kurland, Michael 2006

In the late Victorian days, a large amount of gold is arriving unannounced on the cargo ship The Empress of India. Yet the impossible happens--the shipment of gold disappears en route. Sherlock Holmes, brought in by Her Majesty's Government, knows that only one man is both diabolical and clever enough to pull off such an outlandish, daring, and, yes, theoretically impossible crime: Professor James Moriarty.

Moriarty, however, had nothing to do with the crime and yet finds himself under siege from all sides. To regain his peace, Professor Moriarty undertakes to locate the missing gold. But the gold is only the exposed tip of the iceberg and he soon finds himself matching wits with a mind as nimble--perhaps even more so--than his own.

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Who Thinks Evil

Kurland, Michael 2014

In London, 1892, a well-guarded young nobleman goes missing under distressing circumstances. The nobleman, one Baron Renfrew, is actually Prince Albert Victor, eldest grandson of Queen Victoria. He disappeared while he was visiting a house of ill repute, with bodyguards both inside and outside the building―with his inside bodyguard rendered unconscious and the trussed-up corpse of a brutally murdered young woman left behind.

Hoping to find the missing Prince and to clear him of the murder, the royal family is looking for a brilliant―and, more importantly, discreet―investigator. Sherlock Holmes, alas, is out of the country so, at the suggestion of his brother Mycroft, they turn to the only man who just might be more brilliant―Dr.

James Moriarty. Moriarty, at the time, is up on charges of murder, awaiting retrial after his first jury was hung. In exchange for his release and the murder charges (of which he's innocent), the so-called "Napoleon of Crime" will use all his resources to track down the missing prince and find out who is behind his disappearance and the brutal murders left in his wake.

He soon finds that someone out there is laying a trail, setting up Moriarty himself to take the fall for the crimes. If the real Moriarty doesn't manage to unravel and foil this plot soon, he may never again draw another free breath. Who Thinks Evil is the fifth Professor Moriarty novel from Michael Kurland.

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Publication Order of War Incorporated Books

Third Force

Kurland, Michael 1967

In the late 1960s, the Cold War threatens the survival of mankind. To help keep the uneasy peace, a new group of mercenaries is born: known as Weapons Analysis and Research, Incorporated. Whilst WAR, Inc. does not supply fighting troops, it provides training, equipment, systems, advice and technical expertise.

.. Now former major Peter Carthage leads his men into the hostile jungles of Bonterre to prevent the overthrow of its government by guerrillas - and the mysterious Third Force known only as 'X'...

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Tank War

Kurland, Michael 1968

1960s: A small, oil-rich Arab nation is about to lose its status as a protectorate of Britain, and waiting in the wings to invade is a superior enemy force led by Soviet tanks. On a mission to stop them is debonair agent Peter Carthage and the men from War (Weapons Analysis and Research), Inc.

, a company with an ultra-scientific approach to warfare. How many men from War, Inc. does it take to stop an army of tanks? Six - plus one beautiful, plucky young British woman determined to rescue a kidnapped brother.

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A Plague of Spies

Kurland, Michael 1969

A group of international spies has assembled in the small nation of Alba. Interpol guesses that they aren't there for their holidays - but has no clue as to the real plans being set in motion. Peter Carthage, WAR, Inc.'s slickest agent, is sent to infiltrate and destroy - and ends up captured by an order of most peculiar monks.

As Carthage learns the sinister secret of the monastery, he finds himself in the middle of the greatest coup in the history of crime...

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Publication Order of Welker & Saboy Books

The Bells of Hell

Kurland, Michael 2019

Counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker recruits a number of civilians to help foil a suspected terrorist attack by German spies in New York in 1938. March, 1938 Otto Lehman arrives in New York on the S.S. Osthafen to be immediately confronted by two men with FBI badges .

. . only, that isn’t his real name and the men aren’t with the FBI. The next day Lehman is found tied to a chair, beaten to death and naked, in an abandoned Brooklyn warehouse. The sole witness to the crime, Andrew Blake, a homeless man struggling through the Great Depression, claims those responsible were speaking German.

With the threat of the perpetrators being Nazis, President Roosevelt’s own covert counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker is brought in to investigate. Welker recruits Blake along with Lord Geoffrey Saboy, a British ‘cultural attache’, and his wife Lady Patricia, to help him to thwart a Nazi terrorist attack.

But who exactly are the Nazis, what is their target and when will they strike?

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Whatever the Cost

Kurland, Michael 2021

Counter-intelligence agent Jacob Welker is on a special mission to find a group of scientists who could change the course of World War II in this smartly written historical espionage thriller. September 1939. Germany has declared war on Poland, and in German Pomerania, Professor Josef Brun is on the run from the SS, carrying secret documents that could change the course of the war.

If he can make it to France or Britain. If he can survive . . . In America, counter-intelligence agent Captain Jacob Welker is handed a special assignment from President Roosevelt. Einstein believes the Nazis are aware of a new super weapon made possible by advances in atomic science, and only a small group of scientists can stop them winning the race to develop it.

Enlisting the help of his British friends, Lord Geoffrey and Patricia Saboy, Welker must find the scientists and get them out of Germany from under the Nazi's noses. As a dangerous new world of physics gathers pace, can Welker prevent the war taking a catastrophic new turn?

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Transmission Error

Kurland, Michael 1970
Book by Kurland, Michael Read More

The Secret of Benjamin Square

Kurland, Michael 1972

When a stranger calls at their New England farmhouse to inform Nancy and her brother Robert that they are the heirs of a British nobleman, and that a fortune can be theirs if they agree to move to the ancestral home of Benjamin House in London, it seems like all their childhood dreams have come true.

But upon arrival, Nancy is soon homesick - while Robert nearly loses his life in an 'accident'. Then there's the mysterious ancient riddle connected with the house that could point the way to hidden treasure...

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Kurland, Michael 1975
1st edition Ace 1980 paperback, fine In stock shipped from our UK warehouse Read More

The Whenabouts of Burr

Kurland, Michael 1975

Someone has taken the original document of the U.S. Constitution and substituted another. The substitute is identical, just as old, and equally authentic -- except it has been signed by Aaron Burr! It contradicts history, but it is real and there for everyone to see! Such a crime calls for out-of-this-world detective work.

There must be alternate Americas -- and one of them must be an American union that Burr helped shape. With a few impossible coins, the path is indicated...and the search for THE WHENABOUTS OF BURR begins! It's a hunt through all the alternate-universe Americas that might have been -- with Alexander Hamilton to point the way and Aaron Burr to block it! A classic science fiction novel combining future, past, and present in a super-science history mystery! Features a new introduction by Michael Kurland.

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Tomorrow Knight

Michael Kurland 1976
1976, original mass market paperback edition, DAW Books, NY. 156 pages. Fantasy novel. "Where history pivots, time plays tricks." Read More

The Princes Of Earth

Kurland, Michael 1978
Not permitted to graduate from high school on his home planet of Jasper, Adam Warrington enters the University of Sol, on Mars, and finds himself embroiled in adventures with one of the Princes of Earth, an heir to the Emperor Read More

The Last President

Kurland, Michael 1980

Set in an alternative reality where "All the President's men" do not get caught at Watergate, this "shockingly believable" novel presents the frightening scenario of what could happen if a powerful but paranoid American chief executive goes out of control.

"—The dirty tricks have just begun; rape, murder, plot and counterplot...are nothing to this imperial President..."—Publishers Weekly. "[T]he authors have brought a chilling sense of reality to their fast-paced, smoothly-written thriller. It may be fiction, but it is close enough to fact to be genuinely terrifying.

"—The Miami Herald.

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Psi Hunt

Kurland, Michael 1980

“I have nothing to offer you but pain, danger, and sudden death. We face a relentless foe who strikes without warning, destroys without compunction, and kills without pity. We stand, a thin gray line, between Earth and the Vetch." A sixteen-year-old girl is found drugged, naked and alone in a hotel room muttering the same words over and over again.

“Siren – and tire – and – possibly air. No more than forty thousand sigh”. But what does it mean? Lieutenant J.G. Robert Burrows from the US Naval Intelligence was sent to investigate the scene after fears arise that this incident could be an attempt to spy on the John Paul Jones society – a society made up of US Naval officials.

Burrows must call upon the help of Addison Friendly – the owner of Astral Emprise – a company which deals with metaphysics, mysticism, the occult, paranormal phenomena, psychic forces, astrology, ghosts, Ghoulies, vampires, and things what go bump in the night.

However, the US Navy have not been entirely up front with Burrows. Why are the People’s Republic of China so interested in the John Paul Jones Society? What secrets are they hiding? Burrows and Friendly must work together to uncover the secrets of both countries before another World War breaks loose – a war that could mean the end of humanity.

Praise for Michael Kurland: "It's got everything that made the 80s just so wonderful" - Schlock Value Michael Kurland grew up in New York City, attended Columbia University, spent four years in the Army, much of it in Europe, and now lives in California with his partner, novelist Linda Robertson, a dog, a cat, and an occasional visiting family of raccoons.

He has been a teacher of obscure subjects to disinterested children, the editor of a magazine even more idiosyncratic than himself, a seeker of absent persons, a magical explainer, and guest lecturer at numerous unrelated events. Kurland has written a dozen or so science fiction novels, a brace of mysteries, and several books that fit into that tenuous genre known as “mainstream.

” He has been nominated for an Edgar (twice) and for the American Book Award. His books have been translated into eleven other languages. Psi Hunt is his debut novel with Venture Press.

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First Cycle

H. Beam Piper 1982
Vintage paperback Read More

Star Griffin

Kurland, Michael 1987

Peter Lyon, courier for Griffin Universal, has no idea what he's getting himself into when he attempts to get and transfer a mysterious blue box for his boss. It's 2119 and he's surrounded by conspiracies and cabals. But when he is greeted by dead bodies and an empty box he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Michael Kurland's 1987 SF novel is now available again in a new Ramble House edition, with a cover by Ditmar.

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Button Bright

Kurland, Michael 1990
A little girl, Button Gramm, witnesses an unspeakable horror when she sees her parents shot and killed, and she grows up to discover her evil past and begin her own killing spree Read More

Publication Order of Collections

The Infernal Device and Others

Kurland, Michael 2001

Since their original appearanc more than two decades ago, Michael Kurland's two novels feature Professor James Moriarty--The Infernal Device and Death by Gaslight--have been among the most acclaimed of the works based on the characters first introduced by Authur Conan Doyle.

In Doyle's original stories, Professor Moriarty is the bete noire of Sherlock Holmes, who deems the professor his mental equivalent and ethical opposite, declares him "the Napoleon of Crime, " and wrestles him seemingly to their mutual deaths at Reichenbach Falls.

But indeed there are two sides to every story, and while Moriarty may not always tread strictly on the side of the law, he is also, in these novels, not quite about the person that Holmes and Watson made him out to be. In Kurland's fictions about Moriarty, the truth is finally revealed:The Infernal Device--A dangerous adversary seeking to topple the British monarchy places Moriarty in mortal jeopardy, forcing him to collaborate with his nemesis Sherlock Holmes.

Death by Gaslight--A serial killer is stalking the cream o England's aristocracy, baffling both the police and Sherlock Holmes and leaving the powers in charge to play one last desperate card: Professor Moriarty.The Paradol Paradox--The first new Moriarty story in almost twenty years, it has never before appeared in print.

Brilliantly and vividly evoking late Victorian England in all its facets, this first-ever omnibus of the adventures of Proefssor James Moriarty will delight longtime fans as well as readers new to the milieu.

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Victorian Villainy

Kurland, Michael 2011

In the tradition of the old Ace Double two-in-one books (flip one book over to read the other), here's the seventh Wildside Mystery Double: VICTORIAN VILLAINY: A Collection of Moriarty Stories, by Michael Kurland. Among the world's great fictional villains, Prof.

James Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes's chief nemesis, stands alone. But how evil was he? These four stories suggest that Moriarty wasn't evil at all--and the reason for Holmes's characterization of him as "The Napoleon of Crime" was quite simple: Moriarty was the smarter of the two, and Holmes just couldn't stand it! Great Victorian mystery tales! THE TRIALS OF QUINTILIAN: Three Stories of Rome's Greatest Detective, by Michael Kurland.

Set at the height of the Roman Empire, these tales chronicle one of the few actual crime-solvers known to have lived in the ancient world. Quintilian, a teacher, jurist, and friend of Emperor Vespasian, was also something of a detective. The first tale in this volume, "Blind Justice," is based on an actual case he's said to have solved while acting as defense counsel in a trial.

Great historial mysteries!

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The Trials of Quintilian

Kurland, Michael 2011

In ancient Rome, Marcus Fabius Quintilianus was a real barrister, honoured for being a teacher, rhetorician, jurist and a crime solver... In these three stories Quintilian, a character who is based on this early detective, chronicles some of the eminent man's cases.

The opening tale, set in the last half of the first century AD, is 'Blind Justice' - where Quintilian must defend a blind man accused of brutal patricide...

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Small World

Kurland, Michael 2019

From Sci-fi master, Michael Kurland comes a collection of eight short stories spanning the author’s career.The invention of a teleportation device opens up new possibilities for the nations of the world. But possibilities can go wrong, and don’t always fall neatly on the side of good.

Can one fight what is in their blood? Or is it in one’s fate to succumb to their nature?When genetically engineered soldiers are manufactured to protect the world, where is the line drawn? Do the ends justify the means or is this a gross misuse of science?Infinitely imaginative, Kurland peers from different angles at human belief and behaviour and considers how we might react if our reality was turned ever so slightly sideways.

About Michael KurlandMichael Kurland grew up in New York City, attended Columbia University, spent four years in the Army, much of it in Europe, and now lives in California with his partner, novelist Linda Robertson, a dog, a cat, and an occasional visiting family of raccoons.

He has been a teacher of obscure subjects to disinterested children, the editor of a magazine even more idiosyncratic than himself, a seeker of absent persons, a magical explainer, and guest lecturer at numerous unrelated events. Kurland has written a dozen or so science fiction novels, a brace of mysteries, and several books that fit into that tenuous genre known as “mainstream.

” He has been nominated for an Edgar (twice) and for the American Book Award. His books have been translated into eleven other languages.

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

The Spymaster's Handbook

Michael Kurland 1988
The world of spying is presented in a tongue-in-cheek manner in this book, which introduces readers to a spy's code of ethics and sphere of operation. The reader is appointed to be the Spymaster General, and must pass a series of tests in order to gain entry to the world of espionage. Read More

A Gallery of Rogues

Kurland, Michael 1994
Contains profiles of more than five hundred lawmen, con artists, and criminals, photographs of criminals and crime scenes, and entries on such topics as kidnapping, the Miranda law, and capital punishment Read More

How to Solve a Murder

Kurland, Michael 1995
Revealing how contemporary investigators solve complicated crimes with seemingly sketchy evidence, a behind-the-scenes look at a forensic crime lab discusses such modern techniques as DNA analysis, ballistics, blood samples, and psychopathology. Original. Read More

How to Try a Murder

Kurland, Michael 1995

Two socially prominent people—a man and a woman—are found murdered. Her estranged husband is accused of the crime and indicted. But the real drama is only just beginning…. For sheer human interest, nothing else in real life equals a good murder trial.

Yet how many of us follow the latest courtroom spectacle with fascination, without knowing the ins and outs of how a murder trial is conducted? In How to Try a Murder, noted crime writer Michael Kurland delves into the art and craft of a murder trial, using a fictional narrative and real-life stories to illustrate each step of the process, from the discovery of the body, to trial procedures and strategy, to the conviction and sentencing.

This engrossing look at our legal system includes explanations of the various elements of a trial, including:the amount and kind of evidence needed to make an arrestthe purpose of the grand jurydefense strategy and prosecution tacticsthe criteria attorneys use when selecting a juryexamination and cross-examination of witnesseswhat a jury must consider when rendering a verdictReaders intrigued by true crime will find court documents and questionnaires from the headline-grabbing trials of O.

J. Simpson, Theodore Kaczynski, Timothy McVeigh, and Erik and Lyle Menendez, as well as anecdotes from America's "trials of the century," including those of Sacco and Vanzetti, Bruno Hauptmann, Dr. Sam Sheppard, and others. Whether you're an armchair attorney or a murder maven, How to Try a Murder gives everything you need to prosecute, defend, render a verdict, and pronounce sentence on the trial of the moment.

Visit our website at http://www.mcp.com/mgr/macmillan

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Kurland, Michael 1998

You're no idiot, of course. You've read all about Roswell and you can recite dialogue from every Star Wars movie. But when it comes to separating myth from fact about extraterrestrials, you feel like you're lost in space. The truth is out there! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Extraterrestrial Intelligence provides objective facts about the most puzzling UFO sightings, historical mysteries, and coverups.

In this Complete Idiot's Guide, you get:

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your Memory

Kurland, Michael 1999

You're no idiot, of course. You know when it's payday, Christmas, and your own birthday without even checking a calendar. But when it comes to remembering where you've put the car keys you feel like your little gray cells have left the building. Don't draw a blank just yet! The Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your Memory is packed with practical techniques that can help you create a regimen for sharpening your memory.

In this Complete Idiot's Guide, you get:

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Unsolved Mysteries

Kurland, Michael 2000
Offers clues to deciphering popular mysteries, puzzles, and myths, including UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, Lizzie Borden, and the Sam Sheppard trial. Read More

Irrefutable Evidence

Kurland, Michael 2009

The rise of scientific thinking in finding, catching, and convicting criminals―and, just as important, freeing the innocent―has transformed society's assault on crime. Before scientific detective work, early attempts to maintain public safety relied on the severity of punishment rather than any probability of apprehension.

But with the rapid development of the sciences in the nineteenth century, some techniques began to spill over into more effective police work. Michael Kurland's engrossing history of forensic science recounts this remarkable progress, which continues to the present.

He traces the history of the major techniques of criminal detection and many of the minor ones. Here are Bertillon's physical measurements used to recognize habitual criminals; the study of fingerprints identifying criminals long after they have left the scene of the crime; Gravelle's comparison microscope comparing bullets to determine if they have been fired from the same gun; the development of bloodstain identification and, ultimately, the blood type involved.

Mr. Kurland explains how once–accepted techniques have fallen by the wayside―handwriting analysis, for example―and how methods such as lie detectors, voice spectrum analysis, bite mark evidence, and other methods have proven unworthy. Finally Irrefutable Evidence explores the rise of modern DNA typing techniques, which have proven the innocence of many persons convicted of major crimes and resulted in the exoneration of more than two hundred on death row.

With 12 black–and–white illustrations.

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It's a Mystery to Me

Kurland, Michael 2012
It's a Mystery to Me is a book every fledgling writer of crime stories should read and study. It's packed with the kind of practical advice, incisively and wittily presented, that only a seasoned professional can provide. Kudos to Michael Kurland for a masterful how-to-dunnit. -- Bill Pronzini Read More

Publication Order of Anthologies

My Sherlock Holmes

Kurland, Michael 2003

For over a century, readers have thrilled to the exploits of Sherlock Holmes as told from the point of view of Dr. Watson. But do Watson's tales really tell the true story of the Great Detective? In this collection of thirteen original tales, each narrated by a side character from the original canon, another side of the legend is revealed.

From what Inspector Lestrade really thought about Holmes to Holmes' untold encounter with the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu, from the bitter reminiscences of C. Auguste Dupin to the thoughts of his long-term landlady, Mrs. Hudson, the long-standing veil of mystery over Sherlock Holmes is finally lifted.

From the imaginations of Barbara Hambly, Cara Black, Peter Tremayne, Richard Lupoff, and Michael Kurland, among others, another side of the famous fictional detective is finally revealed.

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Sherlock Holmes: The American Years

Kurland, Michael 2010

A compelling volume of original tales concerning Sherlock Holmes' legendary time in America With an introduction by Leslie S. Klinger, editor and compiler of all three volumes of the Annotated Sherlock Holmes, this collection of ten original stories brings light to one of the least examined periods in the life of the great detective―his time in the former colonies, the United States.

This Holmes is a youthful one―a young man not yet set upon his course in life and in his famous lodgings at 221B Baker Street. In Richard Lupoff 's "Inga Sigerson Weds," he's come to America to represent the family at his sister's wedding. In "My Silk Umbrella," Mark Twain narrates his fateful encounter with Holmes at a baseball game in Hartford, Connecticut; Steve Hockensmith narrates the meeting of the young William Gillette and the object of his later, most famous turn upon the stage; and Peter Tremayne reveals the intersection of Holmes and the Irish in the 19th century American midwestern landscape.

With further stories by Marta Randall, Rhys Bowen, Peter Beagle, and others, the legend, the mythology and even the history of the world's greatest detective is further enhanced by these charming, clever and mystifying tales.

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The Sherlock Holmes Megapack

Kurland, Michael 2014

This volume assembles a mammoth collection of modern Sherlock Holmes stories -- no less than 25 tales by modern masters, such as Carla Coupe, Gary Lovisi, Richard A. Lupoff, Robert J. Sawyer, Mike Resnick, and many more! (It's also an authorized edition, produced under license from Conan Doyle Estate, Ltd.



Kent MillerTHE CASE OF VAMBERRY THE WINE MERCHANT, by Jack GrochotA HOUSE GONE MAD, by Sherlock Holmes as edited by Bruce I. KilsteinBE GOOD OR BEGONE, by Stan TrybulskiCUTTING FOR SIGN, by Rhys BowenTHE STAGECOACH DETECTIVE, by Linda RobertsonTHE DEAD HOUSE, by Bruce KilsteinTHE ADVENTURE OF THE VOORISH SIGN, by Richard A.

LupoffTHE CURIOUS CASE OF THE PEACOCK STREET PECULIARS, by Michael MallorySECOND FIDDLE, by Kristine Kathryn RuschTHE CASE OF THE NETHERLAND-SUMATRA COMPANY, by Jack GrochotYOU SEE BUT YOU DO NOT OBSERVE, by Robert J. SawyerTHE ADVENTURE OF THE PEARLY GATES, by Mike ResnickAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for "Wildside Megapack" to see more entries in this series, covering classic authors and subjects like mysteries, science fiction, westerns, ghost stories -- and much, much more! (Sort by publication date to see the most recent additions.


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