Kim Karr Books in Order

The Kim Karr books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Kim Karr books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Connections Books


Karr, Kim 2013

What if a “Once in a Lifetime” could happen twice?In Dahlia London’s world, happily ever after is a far cry from reality. Her soul has been left completely shattered by tragedy. But a surprising reunion with someone from her past is about to give her a reason to love again…When rock star River Wilde comes back into Dahlia’s life, their super-charged connection runs deeper than either of them ever expected.

The more time they spend together, the more intense their relationship becomes, and Dahlia believes at last she has found her soul mate.But as old bonds fade and Dahlia’s grief begins to lift, her guilt and confusion remain. River desperately wants to be the one who mends what’s been broken—but with a past that refuses to stay buried, is it possible for their future to begin?

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Karr, Kim 2013

Rock star River Wilde brought Dahlia London back from the brink of hopelessness with his unwavering love and devotion. But their entangled history is about to test the strength of their relationship…Dahlia was certain she had found true love and met her ‘Once in a Lifetime’ when she reconnected with River.

But Dahlia’s world comes crashing down when someone from her past resurfaces, and all of River’s carefully hidden secrets are exposed.                                                                                                               River wants to show Dahlia that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass—it’s about dancing in the rain.

But how many times can one broken heart be mended?  Will River and Dahlia be able to stay together or will they be torn apart?

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Karr, Kim 2014

In this dramatic new novella from the New York Times bestselling author of Torn and Connected, two people discover that even the truest love has ups and downs…Jagger Kennedy never went looking for fame, he just fell into it. After scoring a major modeling contract, his clean-cut good looks and charm catapulted his career.

But when his actress girlfriend breaks his heart, he moves to L.A. to try his hand at acting. He needs to make a change, and the last thing he’s looking for is love…Aerie Daniels is a woman in control … until she meets Jagger. Her surprising connection with him leaves her stunned, and it’s unlike anything she’s ever felt.

But just when she lets her walls fall, she makes a startling discovery about him that breaks her fragile heart into a million pieces.To keep from losing the one woman he can’t bear to be without, Jagger is willing to give up anything—including his career.

But even that might not be enough to regain Aerie’s shattered trust…Includes a preview of the next Connections series novel, Mended.Praise for the Connections series“I was riveted from the first line.” —New York Times bestselling author A.L.

Jackson“Incredibly emotional, romantic, sexy, and addictive.”—New York Times bestselling author Samantha Young“Unpredictable, and downright hot.”—K.A. Tucker, author of Ten Tiny BreathsKim Karr lives in Florida with her husband and four kids.

She’s always had a love for books and recently decided to embrace one of her biggest passions—writing. Her Connection series novels include Connected, Torn, and Mended.

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Karr, Kim 2014

Music has the power to heal, but not all broken hearts can be mended.Always in control, Xander Wilde considered life on the road to be a perfect fit for him. But when disaster strikes on the band’s latest tour, fate intervenes…and a newly single Ivy Taylor, the only girl he has ever loved, steps back into his life.

After moving past her painful breakup with Xander years ago, Ivy was poised to become the next big name in music…when suddenly she withdrew from the limelight—the same day she announced her engagement to her controlling agent, Damon Wolf.Xander knows he should keep his distance.

But once they’re on the road, he can’t resist pursuing her for a second chance. Yet a jealous Damon can’t let her go—and he’s keeping dangerous secrets that could destroy them all. When the three of them come together, everything falls apart.

  But if Xander and Ivy can hold tight to the bond that connects them, they just might have a chance to reclaim the powerful love they thought they had lost forever....

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Karr, Kim 2014

The story before the love story….When he lost the only woman he’d ever loved, it seemed there was nothing left to live for.Even as a boy, all Ben Covington ever wanted was to spend forever with Dahlia London, the beautiful girl next door...then one life-altering decision tore them apart and he was forced to leave her.

Now, despite having returned to win her back, he’s still alone. She’s with someone else—someone she’s never going to leave.Resigned to a future without his former girlfriend, Ben numbs his broken heart in a haze of liquor and women. But then the only woman who ever even turned his head while he was with his girl reappears unexpectedly.

And he’s never forgotten their one incredible night together. But will Ben’s destructive behavior destroy his future with her before it even begins?Includes a preview of Kim Karr’s Connections novel, Frayed.Praise for the Connections Series“Incredibly emotional, romantic, sexy, and addictive.

”—Samantha Young, New York Times bestselling author of Fall from India Place“Emotional, unpredictable, and downright hot.”—K. A. Tucker, author of Ten Tiny Breaths“I was riveted from the first line and couldn’t put it down until the last word was read.

”—New York Times bestselling author A. L. JacksonKim Karr is the New York Times bestselling author of the popular Connections series, including Connected, Torn, Mended, and Frayed. She lives in Florida with her husband and four kids. She’s always had a love for books and recently decided to embrace one of her biggest passions—writing.


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Karr, Kim 2014

He didn’t think, he didn’t question—he just acted.What she wanted, she took—without regard.It was only one night, but it changed everything.After losing his fiancée, Ben Covington is unsure he’ll ever love again. But he’s so deeply drawn to Bell Wilde that he’s thrown for a loop.

Maybe it’s purely sexual chemistry that’s igniting their spark… or maybe it’s his second chance at love.Bell Wilde has just gotten her life back on track and may not be up the challenge of Ben Covington coming back into it. However, once the spark is reignited…there’s no stopping it.

But even if they both manage to pull together their frayed hearts, a secret from Bell’s past just might shatter them both.

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Karr, Kim 2018

A dangerously sexy new standalone romance from New York Times bestseller Kim Karr.We each had a plan. We knew what we were doing. Until love got in our way.The first time Caleb Holt strode into the room I was absolutely certain I knew his type. A man too gorgeous for his own good, he was sexy, brooding, and so full of himself, I thought he could easily be fooled.

I was wrong. Those brilliant green eyes followed me everywhere. With each glance, I swore he could see into my soul, read my determination, uncover my secrets. It worried me. I should have stayed far away from him.I didn't.It just seemed impossible to fight the searing desire that flowed through my veins whenever he was near.

I could have tried harder.   The thing was I belonged to another man, as in the other man owned me, literally.Caleb didn't care.He should have.Before Caleb came into my life I had a plan to get back what was taken from me. The cost was irrelevant. Now I'm not sure I can sell my soul to the devil because I fear it belongs to him.

The problem is he has a plan of his own and I can't risk his plan taking priority over mine.Not even for love.  When playing a game of cat and mouse the heart can never win.Or can it?

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Publication Order of The Tainted Love Duet Books


Karr, Kim 2015

New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr kicks off a thrilling, high stakes story of self-discovery and forbidden love... 2 fatal sides. 1 epic love. 7 days to survive. They met in the face of danger. They weren’t looking for love. They both knew better.

But they couldn’t stay away, and they fell hard. He is heart-stopping handsome, fearless—and haunted by deadly ties. She is breathtakingly beautiful, determined—and in harm’s way. They should have parted. They didn't. And now time is running out.

One hundred sixty eight hours. That’s all that remains. While Logan McPherson fights to save them, Elle Sterling is forced to make a choice that could change everything. When torn between right and wrong, tainted love doesn’t have a chance...or does it?

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Karr, Kim 2015

Logan McPherson and Elle Sterling continue to thrill in this powerful conclusion to the tantalizing, provocative, and unexpected sizzling romance that began in BLOW. The danger isn’t over. It’s only just begun. Circumstances brought them together and their undeniable connection won’t let them part.

But when the past and the present collide, emotions run high—things are said, lines are crossed, and rules are broken. Both focused on crushing the enemy, the retribution is almost too much to bear. Still, there’s no undoing what has already been done, and every action has a consequence.

He loves her and she loves him, but love isn’t a shield. Sometimes your only choice is the one you’d rather not make. Pushed to the limit, the tainted love of Logan and Elle is in jeopardy. With outside forces driving a wedge between them, they have to dig deep within their souls to release the ghosts of their pasts, and fight even harder for what neither knew they needed—each other.

Can love really conquer all?

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Publication Order of The Detroit Love Duet Books

Set the Pace

Karr, Kim 2016

Every city needs a hero, but Detroit’s white knight just might be a villain. A rough childhood branded Jasper Storm trouble. A bad boy. Not worth a damn. His love of cars was the only thing that could battle his delinquency. With the need for speed in his blood, he overcame his wayward ways.

Mostly. All grown up, the broken city of Detroit hails him their shining star. And the man behind a new cutting-edge automobile is ready to turn this bankrupt town around. Everything he does in life is fast. He talks fast, f*cks fast, and drives fast.

But when one reckless turn brings him face-to-face with the childhood he has tried very hard to forget, he finds himself on the edge of wondering if he shouldn’t slow down. Charlotte Lane was the tomboy who lived next door. She was his best friend.

He was her protector. Then tragedy struck and she disappeared, forever—or so he thought. Jasper has many reasons to hate Charlotte and keep his distance, but she’s infiltrating his every thought and he can’t stay away. Back in town with an agenda of her own, she should push him aside.

Make him turn around. Walk away herself. Yet she can't. With the past lurking between them, they proceed with caution. That is until one sex-filled night leads to murder. When Detroit’s biggest ally suddenly becomes suspect number one, will Charlotte—the girl Jasper once kept safe—be the one to save him?

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Turn it Up

Karr, Kim 2016

Follow Jasper Storm and Charlotte Lane as their epic love story continues to heat up the pages in this childhood friends to lovers romance that began in Set the Pace. Charlotte Lane was the tomboy who lived next door. Eyes the color of the summer sky.

Mounds of curly blond hair. A little bit of sassy and a whole lot of sweet. She was my best friend. My confidant. My salvation. But when circumstances tore us apart, it put more than just miles between us. I hated her. Blamed her for my worst nightmare.

And I never wanted to see her again. Then one wrong turn brought her back into my life and now she’s under my skin. In the midst of all the chaos surrounding us, she’s what’s changing me. Practically bringing me to my knees. Driving me to want to be a better man.

But nothing is ever easy. And as our worlds begin to crumble…so do we. Our bond withstood the test of time, but when the future brings the unexpected, it will either draw us closer or tear us apart. Can we weather the storm?

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Publication Order of Sexy Jerk World Books

Sexy Jerk

Karr, Kim 2017

My best friend is married.Everyone I know is married. It doesn’t bother me. I like my life the way it is.Since I’m single though, when my best friend and her husband decide to finally go on their dream honeymoon, she asks me to watch their three-year-old son.

Of course I say yes.What my best friend neglects to tell me is that I won’t be babysitting alone. Feeling Max might be too much for me to handle, her husband asks his only single friend to help. Nick Carrington and I have met a couple of dozen times.

I’ve never really given him a second thought—other than to say he’s kind of a jerk. Out loud. So he can hear. Sure, he’s tall, dark, and handsome. And yes, he has the best ass I’ve ever seen, and I mean ever seen quite literally. You see he mooned me at last year’s Fourth of July barbecue because, like I said, he’s a jerk.

He always has to be the life of the party.He’s also arrogant.Imposing.Rich.And a playboy.I’d even go as far as to say he’s a manwhore.Yet somehow before I know it, this manwhore and I are co-parenting. Living under the same roof. Eating meals together and yes, talking.

Don’t look at me like that—it’s not like I had a choice. Even though I knew every minute would be hell, I had to say yes.But after two weeks what I didn’t expect is that I’d been wrong about him. That under his smartass exterior, he’s actually quite charming.

That his arrogance is actually confidence. And that the sight of his naked body would do really bad things to me.So yes, I’ve misjudged him. And yes, I like him. Really like him. Although there are times I still think he’s a jerk…I now think he’s a sexy jerk.

And I want more of him.The question is—does he want more of me?

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Big Shot

Karr, Kim 2017

To believe one person can change your destiny sounds absurd. But it happened to me… twice. Ten years ago I had no idea what I wanted out of life, until I met Hannah Michaels. She was a computer-engineering student ready to conquer the social media world, and I was smitten.

Even though I knew she was taken, I had to have her. Being the big shot that I was, I didn’t let her status stand in my way. It wasn’t long before my hands were on her thighs and my name a whisper on her lips. This smart, sexy girl inspired me to greatness, helped me grow into the kind of man I never knew I wanted to be.

The man I am today. Too bad I hadn’t grown fast enough to keep her. Moving on wasn’t easy, but I knew I had to let her go. Eventually, I found someone to share my days and nights with, and together we had a daughter. My life was nearly perfect until my world turned upside down.

A single father has challenges, and one of those is learning how to calmly deal with your child coming home in tears. I had no idea the day I pounded on my daughter’s classmate’s door, Hannah would be the one standing on the other side. The wild, burning desire that rushed through my veins was unwanted, and yet impossible to ignore.

Letting her in meant so much more this time around. Guilt hit me like a hammer. I hated myself. I hated her. The problem was I really didn’t hate her—I wanted her more than ever. But this time around, I can’t have her. This time it’s my status that stands in our way—and going up against myself just might be the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

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Hot Stuff

Karr, Kim 2017

Get ready to fall in love with this new standalone sports romance from New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr.He's the newly drafted quarterback.Hot. Arrogant. Too sexy for words.Ready to score.I'm an athletic intern, and the coach's daughter.Driven.

Determined. Ready to conquer the world.Completely off-limits.The NFL is full of rules. Rules I've never broken. Never challenged. Never even scratched--until the day Lucas Carrington crashes into my life with his hard body and I-don't-give-a-f*ck attitude.

After I almost injure my father's star player, I volunteer to make sure he's in top shape. At first, it's hell. I don't like his cockiness, his easy smile. Don't like the way he oozes sex. Or how his penetrating eyes follow me everywhere.That doesn't stop me from wanting him.

He's meant to be a distraction--something to occupy my mind for these precious few remaining hot summer nights before I'm forced to leave football behind forever.I know what we're doing will lead nowhere good. I know we're crossing the line. And I know my father will never understand.

None of that matters.But maybe it should.Rules aren't meant to be broken.Or are they?

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Uptown Girl

Karr, Kim 2017

Our story didn't begin with started with screw you. I didn't mean it literally. The trial had been dragging on and the opposing counsel was past the point of irritating me. Even his blonde hair, blue eyes, and drop-dead gorgeous looks couldn't stop me when he called out, "Objection, Your Honor, but she must be delusional.

" "Screw you." My outburst was warranted. Don't you agree? The judge didn't see it that though, and he ordered the two of us to his chambers, where he unceremoniously locked us inside to work things out. Alone with the person who had become a thorn in my side, it didn't take long for one thing to become glaringly clear-- Ethan Miller likes it dirty.

The realization had me wanting to drop to my knees. All the weeks of pent-up tension suddenly seemed unbearable, and I didn't care about anything. Who he was. Who I was. The fact that we were on opposing sides. Not even where we were. As he pushed me back on the hard wooden surface, it wasn't how wrong this was I was thinking about.

It wasn't how I could be disbarred for this very inappropriate conduct. It was more like, "Oh, my God, he's really talented with that wicked tongue of his." Hey, I like it dirty too. Little did I know the consequences of our indiscretion would bond us together forever, and not in the happily-ever-after kind of way.

We were two completely different people, and the whole opposites attract thing could only stretch so far. Right? ** PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A SHORT STORY and a prequel to SEXY JERK ** *** Look for BIG SHOT, HOT STUFF, and Sexy Jerrk to complete the Sexy Jerk World.

All four contemporary romances are standalones with overlapping characters. ***

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Publication Order of Men Of Laguna Books

No Pants Required

Karr, Kim 2016

I, Makayla Alexander, am on a mission to reinvent myself. So when a super hot guy boards the plane and flashes his rock hard abs, I pay attention. When he sits next to me and offers me his nuts, I can’t resist. But when I choke on them and he tells me I need to work on my gag reflex, I realize I might be in over my head.

Before I know it we’re in the lavatory and attempting to join the Mile High Club. Let me just say this...anyone who tells you it’s easy to get it on at 37,000 feet isn’t telling you the truth. After the flight attendant busts us for getting frisky in the air, the only thing that can ease my total and complete mortification is the simple fact that I am never going to see him again.

Hours later, I can’t help but wonder if fate will ever allow me to become a new version of myself. Because Fate, she’s a fickle bitch. Case in seatmate is my new next-door neighbor. No Pants Required is a standalone romantic comedy guaranteed to heat up your summer!

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karr, kim 2016

Every girl has had a broken heart.Every girl knows love hurts.Every girl has a story.This is mine…My name is Maggie May and I met him under a haze of purple lights. As cliché as it sounds he was tall, dark, and handsome as hell, and I had fireworks in my eyes…literally.

It was New Year’s Eve and beneath the magic of all that glitters and shines, I fell for him and his wicked ways. The way he moved, the way he touched me, the way he brought me to orgasm over and over.You should know that I don’t believe in love. Fairytales and happily-ever-afters are never anything I’ve dreamed of…until him.

Something changed the moment our eyes met. It wasn’t insta-lust or insta-love, it was simply him and me, and the dance floor at our feet.The problem is our story ended three days after it started.But now he’s back.And he says he’s sorry.Can I believe him?Do I want to believe him?He calls me his bedwrecker…but what if he wrecks me?

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Hollywood Prince

Karr, Kim 2017

Brooklyn James should know better. Born into Hollywood royalty, the brooding prince has a reputation as being a player. A manwhore. A womanizer. Adoring fans are his thing. His best friend’s little sister is not. Even thinking about her the way he is isn’t cool.

Not cool at all. And yet every time she pouts those sexy lips at him, she turns him inside out. Makes him harder than he’s ever been. Drives him to the brink of insanity. Amelia Waters has always idolized her big brother, and the last thing she wants to do is disappoint him.

Falling for her brother's ex-roommate is off-limits. She knows this, but she can’t help herself. The way Brooklyn looks at her with those smoldering blue eyes makes her wet in an instant. Turns her into a shivering, shaking mess of sexual frustration.

And soon the idea of spreading her legs for him is the only thing she can think about. She wants him. He wants her. When they finally decide to give in to their insane attraction, they agree it will remain between them. That their illicit affair will be short-term.

No strings. No baggage. No messy ending. But when the first night of mind-blowing sex leads to another, and another still, how long can the endless hookups go on before Amelia’s brother finds out? Or worse yet, before feelings develop? Brooklyn and Amelia know they need to walk away from each other before either of those things happens.

The problem is doing it. Talk about a mess.

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Publication Order of Imperfect Love Books

The Thing about Love

Karr, Kim 2018

The whole stethoscope-and-white coat thing isn’t my cup of tea. I prefer a man with an artistic vein in his body. 9 - 5 hours. And I can definitely do without the half-lidded, sleepy bedroom eyes. (Okay, so those are kind of sexy.) Tall, dark, and handsome doesn’t change the fact that he’s arrogant, cocky, and rude.

Not that I care, but he’s made it clear he wants nothing to do with a quirky girl like me, which is why he said no. Turns out no isn’t an option. I have a quickie wedding to plan, and Dr. Jake Kissinger doesn’t have a choice. He looks at our situation like he’s stuck with me, but in reality, I’m stuck with him.

Stuck with his pouty mouth. His long, lean body. And stuck with those loose, low riding scrub pants. (Okay, so the doctor thing is growing on me.) When spending time together turns into more than it should, I know I’m in trouble. He isn’t supposed to make my heart pound.

I’m not supposed to make him look twice. And we aren’t supposed to spend the night together. (Okay, so he has more than one artistic vein in his body, and other places.) Falling for him is definitely a mistake. Here’s the thing… Jake is unavailable, and I know it.

Just not in the way you might think. I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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Come A Little Closer

Karr, Kim 2018

I haven’t always been this bad… Up until recently, I was the kind of girl who wore white cotton panties and bent at the knees rather than the waist. Pomp and circumstance changed all that. Jaxson Cassidy was my first taste of bad, and I liked it more than I should have.

Just not in the way I was meant to. I couldn’t help myself though. I found him irresistible. That sexy grin, those skilled fingers, and that dirty, dirty mouth were a lethal combination. I wasn’t supposed to want him. I wasn’t supposed to let him put his hands on me.

I wasn’t supposed to do a lot of things…but I did.  Now, he wants to keep me close.  I should push him away. But he says he can help me. I’m not so sure. And for some reason, he thinks there’s good left in me. What if he’s wrong? Everyone knows a good boy can’t turn a bad girl around.

  Everyone knows it’s always the other way. Everyone…except him.

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Publication Order of Party Ever After Books

ReWined: Volume 1

Karr, Kim 2018

Don't miss the hot and hilarious moments in this enemies to lovers contemporary romance with heart and heat.It's the birthday I've been expecting...Turn 27. CheckMove back to my hometown. CheckInherit my grandfather's winery. CheckMarry my old high school sweetheart.

Wait, what?We hate each other's guts.But I only have thirty days to turn my company around or lose it forever, so I don't have time to worry about that. Besides, the she-devil is days away from declaring bankruptcy, and merging with me is her last chance.

There's a big problem, though--only one winery can survive.Before we even entertain a little game of survival of the fittest, I have to put a ring on her finger.Easy.Right?Not so much.Paris Elizabeth Hollis Fairchild isn't interested in my plan, and it really pisses me off.

Apparently, she doesn't know me as well as she thinks.Doesn't understand I've changed.Doesn't realize her rejection only spurs me on.Proving her wrong becomes my mission, a mission I won't fail.There's a thin line between love and hate...and she's about to find out just how fine it is.

Paris was my first,And I'm going to make sure I'm her last.Just wait and see.*** This is Volume 1 in the Party Ever After series, an arranged marriage novel. Volumes 2 & 3 are now available. ***

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ReWined: Volume Two

Kim Karr 2018

How to make a reluctant fiancée happy: Buy her a huge-ass diamond ring. Throw a balls-out engagement party. Make the wedding a quickie. Every girl dreams of getting married. Right? Not Paris Elizabeth Hollis Fairchild. And especially not to me. She says this party boy is anything but husband material.

Cocky. Arrogant. Presumptuous. And even manipulative. Hey, those are all perfectly acceptable traits.  When it turns out she doesn't have a choice, the arranged nuptials dear old granny insisted on go off without a hitch. But that doesn't mean we're riding off into the sunset anytime soon.

With both of our failing wineries merging and a contract that states only one family business can survive, we're spending a lot of time negotiating. And not the kind I prefer.  The truth is it's just a matter of who will come out on top - her or me? I wish I meant that literally.

In the meantime, she demands separate bedrooms. I insist we break in our new bed. She says she hates me. I think it's love. She believes our marriage won't last. I know it will. She tells me not to bother popping the champagne. I disagree. In fact, I think it's time to get this party started.

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ReWined: Volume 3

Karr, Kim 2018

There are three guaranteed ways to ruin a perfectly unstable marriage…1.Tell your beautiful new bride she’s the devil.2.Tie one on and don’t come home.3.Oh, and let’s not forget, uncover family secrets that rock both your worlds.I really need a rewind because now my temporary wife is pissed as hell and wants a quickie divorce.

Wooing her is my plan.Sending flowers, writing love notes, and even serenading her are some of the sure-fire methods I learned from watching her favorite romantic comedies.In all of those films, one grand gesture leads to the woman falling at her man’s feet cueing sappy music and epic make-up sex.

Too bad my girl isn’t following the script.Short of riding in on a white horse, I’m at a loss of how to win her back.Unless…Every girl dreams of a Prince Charming. Right?Well, I can redefine myself and turn this party boy into one.She insists it’s impossible.

I disagree.***This is the final volume in the Party Ever After series.***

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Publication Order of The Royals Books

Washed Up Royal

Karr, Kim 2019

From New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr comes a dashing new, sexy standalone royal romance.A simple notification turns my world upside down...The tabloids are reporting,I’ve taken the crown and run. (Not entirely true) As you might have guessed, I’m not an ordinary girl and I don’t lead an ordinary life, But that doesn’t mean I always follow the rules.

This time, though, I feel compelled to obey. Which means I have to find a king, To sit alongside my throne, Or lose it all. With only the clothes on my back,I head to the land of majestic playboys,Where a royal rebel strides right into my life.With his sultry eyes and sinful lips,He turns my world right-side up.

The press is calling him washed up. (I think he’s anything but)Gorgeous, sexy, irresistible,And utterly charming,He’s exactly what I’m looking for.Everything is almost too perfect,Too easy.Until I discover,This hot-blooded royal has a reason for being here.

And it’s more than just me.That thing I said about easy,Turns out…Nothing ever is.My royal rebel has a name,It’s Prince Adrien Laurent.My name is Princess Victoria Blanchette.And this is our story.

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Would Be King

Karr, Kim 2019

A dare turns into so much more…All I want to do is get to work on time.But a Prince Harry look-a-like is trying to steal my cab,And I’ll fight for it to the bitter end.In the midst of our verbal battle, I discover I lost my wallet.So I bargain—a free ride for a kiss.

What starts out as innocent quickly steams up the windows. His lips are soft, and when he tugs me closer, I press my entire body against his hard muscles and practically rip his tie off.This is the best taxi ride of my life.Until it ends just as quickly as it began.

Embarrassed over my behavior, I rush out without so much as a goodbye.But fate, that bitch, Has us pounding on the same locked door. Already knowing I’m going to be fired, I curse my new boss and his new rules.The hot suit laughs and dares me to tell my new boss what a dick he’s being.

With nothing to lose, I accept.Never in a million years could I have imagined he is my new boss.Arrogant.Sexy.And totally off-limits.Dating him is against the rules.His rules.He doesn’t seem to care.Until I dare him not to fall in LOVE with me.Even then he doesn’t mind.

The only four-letter word he lives by is DUTY.Too bad this would-be-king is about to fall hard…for a commoner.

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The Pretend Prince

Karr, Kim 2020

Not her. No way. Never again. But I need a fake girlfriend…fast.I’m about to lose everything.And I know just the person who can help.The little liar that she is.Lia Heart and I share a past.Not just the dirty, sweaty, get tangled between-the-sheets kind.

Getting over her wasn’t easy.But convincing her to help should be.She owes me.First I have to suck it up and pretend she didn’t rip my heart from my chest.Easier said than done.I can’t forgive or forget.Then again, this is just business.Nothing more.

Turns out my ‘girlfriend’ is as sweet and delicious as ever. Temptation and chaos wrapped in a nice little package.She’s my heaven and hell.When resisting her proves impossible, I tell myself it’s only sex.That a hate f-ck is just that.Right?I can’t possibly be falling.

Can I?No way. Not for her. Never again. Famous last words.

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Wannabe Heir

Karr, Kim 2020

CROWN CHASER, KINGMAKER, POSER, PRETENDER, WANNABE HEIRThey had it all wrong.I never wanted to rule the world; all I wanted was her.But they couldn’t see past my bad reputation, so they forced us apart.That was ten years ago, and I’ve grown up.I’m still a rebel.

I’m still reckless.But I’m also ruthless.Determined.And I have even bigger balls.So, when I find out she’s in trouble, I have to help her.It doesn’t matter that she hates me.She’ll get over it.Fighting for her is what I was born to do.I never wanted to rule until she needed me to, and this time I won’t stop until I get what I want.

If they think I will…They have it all wrong.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The 27 Club

Karr, Kim 2015

From the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Connections series comes an exciting and passionate new romance….Janis Joplin. Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse. Zachary Flowers. I always knew my brilliant brother would one day be listed among the great artistic minds of our time.

I just didn’t know he would join the list of exceptional talents who left us too young, too soon.   I was always the calm one, the perfect foil to his freewheeling wild spirit. But since his death shortly after his 27th birthday, I’d found myself adrift and directionless.

  I knew it was time to face my destiny, and I was ready to yield. But then I met Nate, Zachary’s best friend. Only he could help me put the pieces together, fill in the blanks that Zachary left behind. I needed him to answer my questions—and I wanted him for more.

He awakened in me a sensuality that had never been explored, never satisfied. Nate’s presence controlled me, his touch seared me, and it was up to me to convince him that he was brought into my life for a reason….NO CLIFFHANGER ENDING.  THIS IS A STANDALONE ROMANCE.

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Karr, Kim 2015

New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr turns up the heat in a smoking hot, emotionally compelling romance that takes you into the world of Manhattan’s elite. Meet Jeremy McQueen, a sexy, intense, brooding entrepreneur who goes after what he wants, and Phoebe St.

Claire, a socialite-turned-CEO who’s been drifting through life searching for something she thought she'd never find again—the right man to share her future. Phoebe St. Claire has devoted herself to saving her family’s hotel empire—but her best efforts have not been good enough.

With her whole world in turmoil, the tenacious go-getter turns to the once love of her life. Far from innocent, Jeremy McQueen was a guy from the wrong side of the tracks and her parents would never have approved. Their years apart have only made the sexy bad boy more irresistible than ever—and their reunion is explosive.

When she asks Jeremy to help her salvage her family business, he agrees immediately, with only one condition—he wants her in his bed. But soon surprising circumstances leave Phoebe reeling. Was this fairy tale romance just too good to be true? Will Jeremy’s secrets pull them apart all over again? NO CLIFFHANGER.


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The Set Up

Karr, Kim 2016

SHE IS THE ONE GIRL HE NEVER WANTED TO SEE AGAIN…and the one woman that has the power to bring him to his knees. HE IS THE ONE BOY SHE COULD NEVER FORGET…and the one man she should stay far away from.TOGETHER THEY CAN ONLY BRING CHAOS. A rough childhood branded Jasper Storm trouble.

A bad boy. Not worth a damn. All grown up, the broken city of Detroit hails him their shining star. And the man behind a new cutting-edge automobile is ready to turn this bankrupt town around.But when one reckless turn brings him face-to-face with the childhood he has tried very hard to forget, he finds himself on the edge of wondering if he shouldn’t slow down.

Charlotte Lane was the tomboy who lived next door. She was his best friend. He was her protector. Then tragedy struck and she disappeared, forever—or so he thought.Jasper has many reasons to hate Charlotte and keep his distance, but she’s infiltrating his every thought and he can’t stay away.

Back in town with an agenda of her own, she should push him aside. Make him turn around. Walk away herself. Yet she can't.With the past lurking between them, they proceed with caution.That is until one sex-filled night leads to murder.When Detroit’s biggest ally suddenly becomes suspect number one, will Charlotte turn against him, or will she be the one to help him prove he was set up? Please note: This is a duet and contains both Set the Pace and Turn it Up.

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Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas


Karr, Kim 2017

I was rich, single, and connected, which meant a steady diet of beautiful women wherever I went.I really did think I had the perfect life.Until I went and married a supermodel I'd just met, and everything changed.Of course there were choices. But the word annulment meant giving her up, and I never give up anything.

 Still, I was a bachelor at heart, and having a wife, well, I didn't really know what to do with that.After only forty-eight hours of marriage, I had already gone and screwed everything up.Now I have thirty days to prove to my new wife that I'm husband material.

There's only one problem--I don't even know what husband material means. However, I'm certain that won't stop me from excelling at it.My wife tells me it isn't going to be easy. That I have numerous issues to overcome. First, there's my jealousy. It needs to be tamed.

Then there's my mother. I need to convince her that my new wife is not the money hungry floozy she called her. There are many other issues, but according to my new wife, those are minor compared to the biggest one--she says I will never be able to accept being tied down.

Don't worry--I got this one. I intend to prove to her in no uncertain terms that being tied up, down, or horizontal is just what this Upper East Sider needs.** James is a side character in both Toxic and Blow. **

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