Janie Bolitho Books in Order

The Janie Bolitho books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Janie Bolitho books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Ian Roper Books

Kindness Can Kill

Jane Bolitho 1993
When Julia Henderson, a wily seductress who has compromised more than one happy marriage, is brutally murdered, Detective Chief Inspector Ian Roper and his team must deduce the identity of her killer from a long list of suspects. Reprint. Read More

Ripe For Revenge

Janie Bolitho 1995
When a young child is found dead in the woods, suspicion falls on a local man with a history of child molestation, until Detective Inspector Ian Roper uncovers evidence of a long-time vendetta. Reprint. Read More

Dangerous Deceit

Bolitho, Janie 1995

A DCI Ian Roper novel of suspense. When the body of Gerry Daniels, a miner and explosives expert, was found at the bottom of the shaft, a suspicion of foul play brought DCI Ian Roper to the scene. The victim's popularity was legendary but despite interviewing many men with whom he worked, no leads are forthcoming.

However, as a different investigation gets underway when an unreported crime comes to light, members of two local families become suspects. Both have a motive for wishing Daniels dead... "Strong on psychological analysis of characters and motives" - HAMPSTEAD AND HIGHGATE EXPRESS

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Sequence of Shame

Bolitho, Janie 1996

A crime novel featuring DCI Roper, in which the disappearance of a local man, a spate of arson attacks and random acts of vandalism, and the discovery of a dead body develop into a difficult case for DCI Roper, including misleading evidence and false trails.


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An Absence of Angels

Bolitho, Janie 1998

Although Owen Kerslake has as good as confessed to the killing of his lover, Dee Mercer, Detective Chief Superintendent Ian Roper has a gut instinct that the case is not as straightforward as it seems. Dee Mercer's daughter, Kelly had left home three years previously and, as the police talk to the Mercers' neighbours and Kelly's old classmates, they build up a surprising picture of the girl.

Roper and his colleagues feel the key to the murder might lie in Kelly's disappearance and the more they question Owen Kerslake's guilt. Then one of Kelly's old friends is reported missing.

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Exposure of Evil

Bolitho, Janie 1998
Joff Grant appears to have it all. He is che erful, good-looking and well-liked by his fellow police offi cers. When his wife is murdered, DCI Roper is called in to f ind the killer. ' Read More

Baptised in Blood

Bolitho, Janie 2001
Crime fiction. Read More

Lessons In Logic

Bolitho, Janie 2002

Newly-divorced Julie Watson has everything going for her - a successful new career, her own flat, fast car and good looks. The only cloud on her horizon is a series of anonymous phone calls she has recently been receiving. And then Julie is found knifed to death.

This changes DCI Roper's investigation from chasing a harmless nuisance caller to a murder enquiry. And then other women begin to ring the station with reports of obscene calls. Now all the women are terrified - and with reason - but do they all share some common link? And then another murder is committed, seemingly right under the nose of the police and Roper is left wondering with whom he is dealing.

A charming psychopath who can seduce the women away from police protection? Or someone with a reputation so safe and solid that none of the women can perceive him as a threat? Roper and his team must find the answers soon, before more bloody deaths occur.

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Publication Order of Rose Trevelyan Books

Snapped in Cornwall

Bolitho, Janie 1997

Rose Trevelyan had only met Gabrielle Milton once, but felt they might become good friends. She was delighted, therefore, to receive an invitation to the Milton's party where the wine flowed freely and a good time was being had by all - that is, until Gabrielle's crumpled, lifeless body was found underneath a balcony

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Framed in Cornwall

Bolitho, Janie 1998

Dorothy Pengelly lived alone in her remote, dilapidated cottage with only herpets as company. When her old friend, Rose Trevelyan calls round to visit andfinds Dorothy dead she is devastated. And when Rose learns that it wasn't a heartattack but a case of suicide her suspicions are immediately roused.

Dorothywould never have killed herself – but would anyone have the motive to murderher?

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Buried in Cornwall

Bolitho, Janie 1999

After the death of her husband, Rose Trevelyan lives peacefully in Cornwall, working as an artist and photographer. But when she hears terrified screams as she paints the rugged Cornish countryside, and a local woman is reported missing, Rose finds herself suddenly caught at the centre of a police investigation.

With so many people who trust her, Rose is – reluctantly, at times – privy to the secrets of many. When the things she is told in confidence appear connected to the investigation, Rose must decide how far the bonds of friendship reach.

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Betrayed in Cornwall

Bolitho, Janie 2000

The fourth book in the series. Rose Trevelyan is not concerned when her friend Etta does not turn up at the opening of her exhibition. When she hears the following day that a young man fell off a cliff in suspicious circumstances, Rose starts to makes connections and things start to go terribly wrong.

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Plotted in Cornwall

Bolitho, Janie 2001

The fifth book in a series featuring painter/photographer Rose Trevelyan. Rose suspects a murder has been committed. In trying to help young, talented Joel, Rose uncovers family secrets. She is proved right; there is a murder, but not the one she had foreseen nor one which the family could possibly have anticipated.

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Killed in Cornwall

Bolitho, Janie 2002

DI Jack Pearce is investigating a series of burglaries and brutal attacks on young women which has broken out in Cornwall. Once again his on-off girlfriend Rose Trevelyan finds herself at the heart of the investigation.With her intimate knowledge of the private lives of those connected to the case, Rose must work hard not to jump to conclusions about the innocence of those she knows.

As the crimes become more serious, both newcomers to the area and familiar faces become suspects. But who should Rose – and Jack – believe?

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Caught Out in Cornwall

Bolitho, Janie 2003

When Rose Trevelyan sees a young girl being carried away by someone who appears to be her father, she thinks nothing of it. Until, that is, the appearance of a frantic mother who cannot find her child. Beth Jones is only four years old, and her mother is adamant that the man Rose saw taking her away must be a stranger.

Wracked with guilt for not intervening, Rose once again finds herself entangled in a criminal investigation. As time passes, it becomes clear that the chances of getting Beth back unharmed are very bleak indeed....

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Wound for Wound

Bolitho, Janie 1995

Karen Wilkes is haunted by the threat of 'The Carver'. So far he has reserved his savagery for local prostitutes, but where would he strike next? It could be a number of men, even someone in Karen's life. Her neighbour Colin worships her. Nightclub owner Leonard Murdoch has made his interest in Karen clear.

Her colleague Carl Pearson works as a chef in the nighclub and it is to him that Karen gives her heart. Now it looks as though The Carver has started to kill...

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Sweets for My Sweet

Bolitho, Janie 1996

After breaking off her engagement, Alice Powell begins receiving threatening letters. At first, her ex-fiance Keith is a prime suspect, but as it soon becomes apparent that other women at the factory where Alice works are also targeted, the net is widened.

Alice becomes romantically involved with the son of the factory owner and both families have their own reasons for wanting to end the relationship. When one of the threats is finally carried out, Alice is brought face to face with the truth, as well as the awful realisation that it might already be too late.


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Saving Grace

Bolitho, Jane 2001
Grace Cornell is a GP. When her father died in mysterious circumstances, she and her brother inherited a fortune. But Grace is unhappy. She misses her estranged mother and her work suffers when anonymous letters hint at knowledge of her past. Then, one morning, someone tries to abduct her. Read More

Full Circle

Bolitho, Janie 2003

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