Colonel Primrose Mystery Books in Order

The Colonel Primrose Mystery books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Colonel Primrose Mystery books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Colonel Primrose Mystery Books

Ill Met by Moonlight

Brown, Zenith 1937

She was a dangerous female, beautiful, cold-blooded, predatory. The people she lived among were the very nicest sort. Yet, strange to say, it was she who was found dead. And she was only the first victim... She was a dangerous female, beautiful, cold- blooded, predatory.

The people she lived among were the very nicest sort. Yet, strange to say, it was she who was found dead. And she was only the first victim . . . “A prime mystery . . . told with Leslie Ford’s usual skill.” —The New York Times "Exciting." -- The New Statesman "Excellent Leslie Ford at top form.

-- New York Herald Tribune

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Three Bright Pebbles

Brown, Zenith 1938

Hatred in the night... There was little love in the Winthrop clan, not in the mother who ruthlessly dominated it, nor the son who disgraced it, nor the daughter who sullied its name. Certainly it wasn't Cupid who one dark night sent an arrow rippling through a human throat.

.. And now the Winthrops had to desperately seek the murderer in their midst, before that minister of silent death could strike again...

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Mr. Cromwell Is Dead aka Reno Rendezvous

Brown, Zenith 1939

Judy was very beautiful, very much in love and very much married to the wrong man. A speedy divorce seemed the only solution to everybody's problems, but little did she imagine that a flying visit to Reno would turn into a terrifying case of murder -- with the shadow of a noose dangerously close to her own lovely neck.

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False to Any Man aka Snow-white Murder

Ford, Leslie 1939

FALSE TO ANY MANA beautiful blonde with strange eyes -- and stranger schemes... A young redhead in danger of losing the only man she could ever love... A powerful lawyer with something he had to hide, even from himself...Suddenly, all of them were caught up in a series of horrifying murders by a killer who must be living secretly in their midst.

"A humdinger...full of eerie atmosphere." —New York World Telegram"The best collaboration to date between Colonel Primrose... and Mrs. Grace Latham .The suspense grows by leaps and bounds." —New York Herald Tribune

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Old Lover's Ghost

Leslie Ford 1940
Love and murder in Yellowstone Park. Read More

The Murder of the Fifth Colimnist aka A Capitol Crime

Ford, Leslie 1941
First edition bound in tan and orange cloth. A VG copy. The book has dust soiling and spotting to the edges. Heavily tanned endpapers. Tanning to the spine and small bumps to the outer corners. Rubbing at the head and heel of the spine. No dust jacket. Solid copy lacking the DJ. Read More

Siren in the Night

Ford, Leslie 1943

COLLECTIBLE!!! First Edition (1943) from PF Collier & Son Corporation. Simply would make a great addition to any collection. Decorative hardcover. Hardcover has minor amount of shelf wear. Edge of pages are naturally age toned. Otherwise the hardcover and pages are in very good condition.

No dustcover.

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All for the Love of a Lady aka Crack of Dawn

Brown, Zenith 1943

It was the wedding of the season. The bride was society's most beautiful darling. The groom was one of the richest men on the Eastern seaboard. A few eager status seekers tried to sneak in -- but they were all sent away in disgrace. Except for one uninvited guest, with a vital function to perform: MURDER.

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The Philadelphia Murder Story

Brown, Zenith 1945

To millions of loyal readers, Myron Kane was a great man, a genius, a truth-teller. But to everyone who knew him personally, Myron Kane was a man with the touch of death, whose razor-edged pen could destroy a reputation, a life, a soul -- and never hesitated to do so.

It was no surprise, then, that somebody decided to prove once and for all that a knife, if buried in human flesh, could be far deadlier than a pen...

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Honolulu Murder Story aka Honolulu Story

Brown, Zenth 1947

This new “Col. Primrose Mystery Novel” might have well been called "The New Mrs. Latham Mystery Novel," because Mrs. Latham plays almost as important a part in it as the Colonel. The scene is Hawaii, and practically all of the action takes place in and around a house high up on the mountainside above Honolulu.

It is the story of a black-sheep American, whose family had lived in Hawaii for generations, but who went to Japan and, sometime after Pearl Harbor, decided to come back and play traitor to his country. Mrs. Latham is present when he makes his first appearance in his family’s house, she is present when his murdered body is discovered -- and disposed of -- and she is deeply involved in the circumstances that lead up to the second murder, that of a beautiful Hawaiian- American girl who is engaged to marry an American aviator.

In fact, Mrs. Latham this time is so much involved that Colonel Primrose accuses her of completely spoiling an air-tight case for him and calls her a nitwit. Shortly after that, for the first time in these stories, he proposes to Mrs. Latham. For the answer, reader, you may write your own ticket! "HONOLULU STORY will be enthusiastically revived by mystery fans who have learned to expect good entertainment from Leslie Ford's novels.

In this book the usual excellent performance is turned in by that fictional threesome, Colonel Primrose, special agent in military intelligence, his aide, the intrepid Sgt. Phineas Buck, and likable Grace Latham, socially prominent Washington widow." -- The Nebraska State Journal "Miss Ford at her best.

" -- The Hartford Courant

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The Woman In Black

Brown, Zenith 1947

WHO IS THE WOMAN IN BLACK?A living ghost, dressed in black, crashes a Washington cocktail party -- and touches off a chain of violence and murder.Who is the Woman in Black? The answer is a matter of life and death for a pretty young matron, a legendary captain of industry, a rich and dazzling hostess -- and for lady sleuth Grace Latham and her friend Col.

Primrose."Mrs Latham works wonders with the clues. A major Ford opus." -- New York Herald Tribune

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The Devil's Stronghold

Ford, Leslie 1948
LESLIE FORD presents a spine-chilling journey into terror -- THE DEVIL'S STRONGHOLD! Starring beautiful MOLLY MC SHANE as the terrified starlet... Handsome "SHEEP" CLARKE as the man who says he loves her... EUSTACE SYPE as her power-mad agent... And VIOLA KERSEY as the venomous ex wife! Read More

Washington Whispers Murder aka The Lying Jade

Brown, Zenith 1953

The secret ballot for murder... Politics is a rough business -- and Congressman Hamilton ("Call Me Ham") Vair made it rougher. To reach his goal, he would use anything and anyone -- blackmail, bribery, or a beautiful, not-so-dumb blonde. Everyone knew that.

But suddenly there was a new and brutal question. Had the Right Honorable Mr. Vair been willing to plunge into murder? "Do not miss WASHINGTON WHISPERS MURDER: It is terrifying and terrific." -- Albuquerque Tribune

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