Charity Parkerson Books in Order

The Charity Parkerson books have become so popular over the years that generation after generation, people keep going back to them.

If you're just starting with it and want a reading list, you're in luck. Here we list out all the Charity Parkerson books in order; keeping in mind various factors like the publication year, reviews, its popularity among readers, etc.

It’s always a good idea to read such book titles in sequence so that you don't miss out on the story plot and its discussions in the book clubs.

Publication Order of Candied Crush Books

Beautifully Toxic

Parkerson, Charity 2020

A famous drummer. A homeless teen. It’s hard to tell which one is the savior.When Jessie Thunder, a famous drummer, learns a homeless person has been sneaking into his home, Jessie decides to help him out. The eighteen-year-old “boy” is too old to go in the system, and Jessie can’t stand the thought of anyone going hungry.

He also hopes rescuing Theo will ease his soul. Otherwise, there’s nothing redeeming left of him.Even though Theo doesn’t trust Jessie’s help, he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. At first, Jessie’s attention feels like heaven. He’s never had anyone care about him, especially someone as amazing as Jessie.

Everything seems perfect. That is, until Theo realizes Jessie’s beauty is only a mask. Inside, Jessie is poison and Theo has to get out before he finds himself in worse shape than when he lived on the street.With Theo gone and no one to save him, Jessie has to make a choice.

He can either rescue himself or drown in the toxic waste his life has become. Only one of those roads leads back to Theo.Beautifully Toxic is the first book in bestselling author Charity Parkerson’s series, Candied Crush, where the men are like candy—rich, irresistible, and bad for your health.

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Beautifully Angelic

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Two men secretly in love. Neither one wants to make a move. It’s about to explode in everyone’s faces.Declan has always secretly been in love with Ezra, but it’s always been a hopeless love. With Declan working for Ezra’s brother, he’s not free to show his heart.

That hasn’t stopped Declan from watching and dreaming about Ezra. Some might even say Declan stalks Ezra on occasion. He can’t help it. Ezra is beautiful and sweet. He makes Declan crave everything. But Ezra’s brother saved Declan from a horrible life once.

Declan can’t repay Jessie’s kindness by messing with his little brother.Loving Declan killed Ezra’s heart years ago. Declan is amazing and Ezra can’t stay away even though Declan never does anything except hurt him. Each time Ezra thinks they might be close to crossing some invisible line that keeps them apart, Declan shoves Ezra away and sleeps with other people.

The pain is something Ezra can’t tolerate any longer. His last attempt to win Declan finally pushed him too far. He’s done with Declan. Possibly, he’s done with everything.When Ezra’s health starts backsliding, Declan must choose. He can stay loyal to the friend who rescued him or save the man he loves.

Either way, Declan looks destined to lose someone. Unless love wins the day, that is.

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Beautifully Wrecked

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Johnny sees himself as straight. Wrecker disagrees. Their friendship is about to get an upgrade.When Johnny moved to L.A. to start a singing career, he never expected to end up working instead as security for one of the world’s most renowned musicians.

It’s not so bad. After all, his job led to him meeting his best friend, Wrecker. That’s one relationship he wouldn’t trade for the world. Johnny just wished he didn’t feel quite so strongly about Wrecker, since things are getting awkward.Wrecker has always wanted Johnny.

From the first moment they met, Wrecker has done a horrible job of hiding his interest. He recognizes that he flirts too much, holds eye contact a little too long, and steals touches. The thing is that Johnny lets it go on. Wrecker has a feeling he knows exactly why, and that’s why he can’t stop.

When an emergency sends Johnny back home to his family, Wrecker tags along for support. Their already perplexing relationship takes a turn when Johnny’s family gets the wrong idea. Unfortunately, it’s not a move in the direction Wrecker wants. Now Wrecker must choose a path.

He can accept Johnny’s friendship will never be more or take a chance that Johnny feels the same. Either way, he must choose fast, because Johnny is the type to disappear when things get too hot, and they have been an inferno for way too long.

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Beautifully Stolen

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Roman is tired of games. Brett is certain they are playing. One of them is in for a huge surprise.From the first moment Brett met Roman, he had the man’s number. Roman is beautiful, flirtatious, and completely incapable of being loyal to anyone but himself.

Everything about Roman is an act. Under normal circumstances, Brett would find a way to make money from Roman’s natural ability to charm anyone. This one time, he won’t, because there’s just something about Roman that gets under his skin. Brett can’t explain it.

He simply knows Roman is trouble. Brett can’t let himself fall for the game.Roman wants Brett. That’s the truth of things. Since the first time he set eyes on the eccentric ball of energy, Roman has pulled out every weapon in his arsenal to try to win him.

Brett isn’t into him at all. That’s a first for Roman. He can’t stop coming back for more of Brett’s special brand of rejection. It’s too sexy to resist.When Brett invites Roman to be his date for a wedding, Roman knows the invitation is too good to be true.

He just can’t figure out Brett’s new angle. That doesn’t mean he intends to miss his chance to get shot down again. After all, he might finally win. Little does Roman know, Brett needs him way more than he could have dreamed, and they’ll both be less if he can’t win.

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Beautifully Moved

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Two men opposite in every way. One unforgettable night. No good can come of this.Everyone knows Xavier’s name, face, and body. Not only is he considered one of the world’s most beautiful men, he hosts a popular cooking show in the buff. He’s flawless.

.. on the outside. Inside, Xavier is jaded and spoiled. He’s used to having his way with whoever he chooses. No one has ever told him no. That’s why he was beyond sick of everything before Dean came along. Dean isn’t like anyone else. He ignores Xavier unless Xavier forces Dean to look his way.

Xavier is intrigued. He can’t stay away. It’s too bad Dean keeps running from him.Dean isn’t anything like Xavier. He works a normal job, looks like a normal person, and gets shot down more often than not. It’s not that he doesn’t realize Xavier is completely flawless.

In fact, he has a hard time not staring at Xavier all the time like a lunatic. The thing is, Dean isn’t interested in getting crushed by some guy way out of his league. It’s obvious Xavier is only looking for a distraction. It’s laughable to think they could end up together.

Until they spend one magical night together, that is.After a single night in heaven, Dean runs for the hills, leaving Xavier baffled. Now, Xavier has to do something he’s never done before. He has to do the chasing if he hopes to win Dean. If not, he’ll lose the only person who has ever made him feel any spark for life.

Luckily, losing isn’t a word Xavier knows.

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Beautifully Painted

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Two people from opposite sides of the tracks. A love they can’t shake. They are a mistake neither of them can stop making. As a teenager, Dawson was fostered by Milo’s family. While everyone had been trying to force them to be brothers, they had been falling in love.

That love cost Dawson everything. Now, even though he knows he has to forget Milo, he doesn’t know how. Not that it matters. They can never be together again. Dawson has to leave him behind.Once upon a time, Milo ruined Dawson’s life. At the time, he had big plans to make everything right.

Unfortunately, Dawson never gave him a chance to try. Now, they spend all their time dancing around each other and making each other miserable. It’s a situation Milo no longer knows how to fix. Then fate shows Milo an opening. He has to take it no matter the cost.

All Milo can do is hope Dawson doesn’t end up hating him even more than he already does. Everything rides on this last-ditch effort to win Dawson for good. Otherwise, they’ll both lose.

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Beautifully Blue

Parkerson, Charity 2020

A well-known actor meets an everyday cop. What could go wrong? Everything.When Valor met his celebrity crush, Reid King, he never expected Reid would show any interest in him. While Valor isn’t lacking in confidence, Reid is considerably younger than him and could have anyone.

It makes no sense for a man like Reid to want a middle-aged cop. Unless he needs someone to save him.In reality, Reid is everything one would expect a star to be. He’s arrogant, self-absorbed, and used to having his way. When he met Valor, Reid knew he could have the man with little to no effort.

He wasn’t wrong. Reid just didn’t expect he would need Valor as much as he does.With Reid’s past exposed for public fodder, Reid is struggling with a new sense of self. As much as he wants to be with Valor, he questions his every life decision now and can’t stop ruining everything.

He worries he won’t ever be whole again. All he needs is a man in blue to rescue him. If Reid will let him, that is. It’s also possible he’s not the only one who needs saving.

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Beautifully Backed

Parkerson, Charity 2020

A single night of powerful connection collides with a cruel twist of fate. No matter the outcome, Sergio and Tobin are meant to be.Sergio went from the streets to being one of the highest-paid soccer players in the world. For the most part, he has tried to stay humble.

The change in his circumstances doesn’t mean his life is easy now. He meets a lot of users and has a hard time saying no. Tobin is the first person he’s met since hitting it big who doesn’t want a thing from him. Yet Tobin needs him more than Sergio could possibly know.

Tobin has no clue Sergio is famous. In a moment of living life to the fullest while he can, Tobin takes Sergio home for the night. While it is the greatest night of his life, he has no plans to repeat the experience. Everything recently changed for him and Tobin is in no place to start a relationship.

He must accept Sergio as the temporary gift he is, except he doesn’t take into account Sergio’s determination.Sergio isn’t the type to be pushed aside. Tobin is in his sights now. Unlike everyone else, Tobin deserves Sergio’s help and he’s not taking no for an answer.

All he can do now is hope that life doesn’t steal Tobin before Sergio can save him.

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Beautifully Unfixable

Parkerson, Charity 2020

There’s a difference between luck and fortune; these men have neither.Lucky is easily the unluckiest person on the planet. Most people might say he has bad taste, but really, it’s misfortune. He tries to meet nice guys. Unfortunately, he always ends up with the worst people imaginable.

The only good guy Lucky knows looks wretched on paper. He owns a biker bar and runs with the roughest crowd. Lucky can’t stay away.If Damon knows two things, it’s where to buy the best liquor and that Lucky is trouble. For whatever reason, Damon can’t stop pulling Lucky from every fire, and Lucky starts a lot of unnecessary blazes.

There’s just something about him, though. Damon can’t tell him no.When Lucky pits his blind determination against Damon’s bitterness, it becomes a race to see which of them can fail the fastest. After all, there isn’t an ounce of self-preservation between them.

Some people are simply unfixable.

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Beautifully Exposed

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Zep knows what he wants, and he’s positive it isn’t Frost. Frost has everything Zep needs.For years, Zep has been working toward the future he envisions. He wants a husband and kids. Zep knows his worth and isn’t willing to settle for less. While Frost is definitely a beauty, Frost is also a liar.

He’ll never want the life that Zep pictures for himself.As a former hockey player turned gym owner, Frost is financially settled. He has been known to mislead men occasionally to keep things impersonal, but he has his reasons. Frost also never messes with anyone he could hurt.

He never expected to meet Zep.When Frost’s secrets are exposed, Zep sees the man in a whole new light. Unfortunately, as much as they want each other, they can’t seem to stay on the same page. Hopefully, they’ll figure out a way to meet in the middle.

Otherwise, they’ll miss their shot at real love.

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Beautifully Explosive

Parkerson, Charity 2021

Kit is a little damaged. Matthew is a lot crazy. Together, they’re an explosion waiting to happen.What would you do if your biggest celebrity crush walked into your life? Matthew has been living this hypothetical question for the past year. There’s no other man on the planet that has been a bigger part of Matthew’s alone time than Kit Youngblood.

Kit is an actor and has posed nude for several adult magazines. Matthew would kill to have one night with Kit. Unfortunately, Kit is nowhere near as easy to catch as Matthew hopes.Kit doesn’t want anyone. It isn’t personal. Kit came from a nightmarish background to carve a place for himself in the world.

That doesn’t mean he’s well-adjusted. He’s merely surviving the best he can. Matthew is the only person who’s made Kit consider taking a chance on a relationship. He just needs a little push to get him moving.Two men with a boatload of issues and secrets will face off in a battle of the hearts.

Only time will tell which of their pasts will break them first. Or just maybe they’re exactly what the other needs.

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Beautifully Awkward

Parkerson, Charity 2021

Lance has spent his life hiding in the shadows. Slade has spent his life in the spotlight. They’re equally lonely.As a private detective, Lance depends on blending in. Never in his life has he wanted to stand out until he met Slade. Slade is a rock star and is wanted by everyone.

Lance is no exception. Unfortunately, Slade is also the most clueless person on the planet. Lance doesn’t know how to get Slade’s attention when the guy seems totally oblivious to Lance’s desire. The entire situation feels hopeless.Between touring, recording, interviews, and just trying to live, Slade is tired.

He hasn’t had a personal life in longer than he can recall. He’s had one-night stands and quick encounters in the craziest of places, but there has been nothing real. He enjoys spending time with Lance, but he doesn’t think Lance really likes him like that.

Slade is kind of nerdy and awkward when he’s not on stage. Men don’t go for him unless they’re celebrity worshippers. He doesn’t stand much of a chance with someone like Lance. So Slade does what he always does when he needs a little extra help.

He turns to his identical twin.Nothing good can come of Cade pretending to be Slade to gauge Lance’s interest, especially since Lance is a detective. Maybe this crazy plan will blow up in everyone’s faces. That’s a risk Slade is willing to take for a shot at love.

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Beautifully Wicked

Parkerson, Charity 2021

As the identical twin of one of the biggest names in music, Cade is the invisible brother. The untalented one. The wicked twin.Being the brother of Slade O’Neil isn’t easy. Everyone expects Cade to suddenly grow a super talent. The only thing Cade is good at is getting in trouble.

His latest scandal—unknowingly sleeping with someone’s husband—has soured him on wanting to start anything new. That was before Terrell.Terrell is the star pitcher for the L.A. Direwolves. Everyone knows his name, and—unfortunately—his story.

People either love him or hate him. He’s not one for inspiring lukewarm feelings. Terrell has run into Cade a hundred times at events. Cade is one of the few who’s never shunned him. That’s a good thing since Terrell has never wanted anyone more.

Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.If Terrell hopes to win one of the sexiest and wickedest men on the market, he must step up his game. There’s another out there who’s already had Cade, and he has no plans to let him get away. It’s a race to see who will land him first.

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Beautifully Blind

Parkerson, Charity 2021

Koda needs a stubborn man. A man to teach him how to let someone love him. Felix has just what he needs.Koda has a silent fame. While everyone knows his songs, no one knows his name. He has worked on backup vocals for the biggest names in music and on countless albums over the years.

Koda is doing what he loves. His life is perfect... except it isn’t. His fierce independence has become a wall, separating him from any chance at finding love. He needs help if he hopes to learn how to let people in. Luckily, he knows just who can help.

Since Felix leveled his life over a year ago, nothing has been the same. Artists are severing their contracts with him, leaving him with way too much time on his hands. Felix never would have dreamed his private life would affect his work as a record producer this much.

The only light in his day is Koda. Despite losing his sight at a young age, Koda has let nothing stop him. He’s upbeat, successful, and he’s driving Felix insane with longing.When Koda asks Felix for a crazy favor, Felix sees his chance to finally have the man in his bed.

Unfortunately, no one warned Felix he wouldn’t want to leave... or that they’ve both been blind in more ways than one.

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Beautifully Spun

Parkerson, Charity 2021

Zayn is looking for love. Spencer wants to live the single life forever. One of them is doomed to fail.Spencer Wright, better known as Zealous Blaze, is the number one DJ in the world. Not only does everyone know his name, he’s also the most sought-after man on the scene.

There’s zero chance anyone is tying him down. His life is too crazy. He would be insane to let himself get ensnared by one person. It’s too bad Spencer can’t stop thinking about Zayn.Zayn has the worst luck with men. He’s rich and works hard on his body.

Zayn would like to think he’s also a nice guy. It just seems like there’s no one left out there for him. Everyone he meets only wants to hook up. Zayn wants a real relationship. It doesn’t help that he has his heart set on the unattainable. From the first time he set eyes on Spencer, he hasn’t wanted anyone else.

Mixing tracks isn’t Spencer’s only talent. He also has Zayn’s head completely spun out of control with the way he wants Zayn one day, and then he pushes Zayn away the next. Maybe this next time Zayn won’t come back.

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Publication Order of Cubs for Rent Books

First Loser

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Same situation. Different man. It’s a beautiful mess.After falling for a male escort, and losing him through his own stupidity, Henry meets Tanner. Tanner is tall, dark, and handsome. He’s also young, wealthy, and doesn’t need Henry at all. But Henry is right back in the same boat he’s been in for years, paying someone half his age to spend time with him.

Even though Tanner keeps refunding his money, Henry can’t let himself believe Tanner wants him for real. His mistrust is making him miserable, but Henry doesn’t know how to stop.As one owner of Cubs for Rent—a company that rents men for dates, repairmen, or simply for company, Tanner doesn’t need anyone to take care of him.

When he met Henry, Tanner’s only intention had been to get the man out of his friend’s hair. Then, Henry kept calling and booking time with Tanner. Tanner kept accepting and feelings he didn’t want grew. Henry is sweet and insecure. He’s gentle and awkward.

Henry is everything that Tanner finds irresistible. It’s too bad Henry is also too blind to see Tanner’s interest as real, because Tanner is tired of trying to convince him.When Tanner pulls away and meets someone his age, Henry will have to come out of his shell and step up his game.

Hopefully, he’s not too late.**Please note** Cubs for Rent is a Sugar Daddies' spin-off and is best enjoyed when read in order. 

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Next Best Thing

Parkerson, Charity 2019

When artless meets masterful, it’s a battle of opposites attract. The prize is a lifetime of happiness.Orion is caustic and bitter. He doesn’t like people, nor does he enjoy their company. There’s nothing Orion needs beyond a good book. But Tucker keeps coming around and Orion doesn’t understand why he doesn’t want it to stop.

As one owner of Cubs for Rent—a male escort service—Tucker already has too many men chasing him. Orion has no intention of joining the flock. Life doesn’t care what he wants.When Tucker met Orion, Orion accused him of being a liar and shut him down on every level.

For someone who’s used to getting any man he wants, Orion is an irresistible challenge. He’s awkward and cranky. His head is always in the clouds and Tucker wants Orion with every fiber of his being. But this might be the one time Tucker doesn’t get his way.

Orion has already suffered enough heartaches in his life, but Orion wants Tucker. That’s a truth he can’t shake. For once, Orion might have to set aside his books and live. How terrifying.

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Always Loyal

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Every day Loyal watches him. The desire gets bigger with each passing moment. It’s only a matter of time before it explodes.After an accident left Loyal in a wheelchair, he’s spent his days fighting to regain the freedom he’s lost. As much as he needs help, Loyal doesn’t want to be pitied.

When a blast from the past volunteers his time to make Loyal’s home wheelchair friendly, Loyal has every intention of staying out of Toby’s way. He knows Toby could never forgive him for the past. Loyal never intends to fall back into the same role he played with Toby for years.

Life doesn’t care about Loyal’s good intentions.Toby has known Loyal most of his adult life. For a long time, he considered Loyal his best friend. There’s no way he’ll turn his back when Loyal needs him most, even if every second in Loyal’s company completely breaks him.

Unfortunately, the more time Toby spends with Loyal, the more he can’t escape the truth. Loyal will always be the only one for Toby.As one owner of Cubs for Rent—a business that rents men for dates, home repairs, or simply to keep someone company, Toby has countless men vying for his attention.

Loyal is the only one he can’t shake. They’ll have to face the past and all its secrets if they hope to find their way. Tall order doesn’t even begin to describe that endeavor.

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Before Him

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Kevin had given up on life before Jericho. Now he’ll stop at nothing to reclaim himself.For years, Kevin lived in a full-time Dom/sub relationship with his ex. It was a position his ex used to keep Kevin weak and malleable. Now he’s free from all that, but he’s not whole anymore.

He let those years break something inside him that Kevin doesn’t know how to fix. Meeting Jericho changes everything.Before Kevin, Jericho didn’t date men. He didn’t date anyone. Jericho spent his life focused on his son. Now his son is grown and married, leaving Jericho to find himself again.

He thinks working for Cubs for Rent will force him back into the world of single adults. Instead, Jericho can’t stop gravitating toward Kevin. He’s slightly terrified of what that could mean.Kevin and Jericho are both starting from a place of having nothing to offer.

For different reasons, they’re both a bad bet. But sometimes a gamble pays out big winnings. If only one would take the first chance.

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Until Mister

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Wren thrives on being wicked. Haven needs to steer clear of his brand of trouble. They are both just trying to survive.Most people consider Wren as born blessed. He has the looks of an angel, the morals of a devil, and isn’t afraid to use whichever trait he needs most for every situation.

What his looks won’t buy him, his connections will. As the son of a famous actor, there isn’t a door in society blocked to him. Unfortunately, his father blew through his money long before dying of a drug overdose, leaving Wren to work to pay his way.

It’s a good thing he has a body men can’t resist and a personality to match. The last thing he needs is a controlling ex BDSM master getting in his way.Haven aka Mister is just trying to get through the day. Between his bestselling BDSM how-to books and his job at Cubs for Rent, he isn’t hurting for money, but his personal life is a different story.

It’s dead in the water. After ruining his relationship with the only man Haven cares to love, he has no intentions of ever dating again. He knows he’s poisonous and he won’t risk hurting anyone else. That’s exactly why he has to stay away from Wren.

Too bad he can’t.With an unexplainable draw pulling them closer together, it’s only a matter of time before they break. But there’s more to Wren than a pretty face, and he’s in bigger danger of losing everything than even he knows. Unless Haven can save him, that is.

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Once He Breaks

Parkerson, Charity 2020

A spoiled billionaire meets a lowly ranch hand and sparks fly... in more ways than one.Dex Wise is the billionaire playboy everyone dreams of winning. Until they meet him, that is. Dex is spoiled and vain. The number of people he cares about can be counted on one hand and only takes one finger.

He’s never met anyone who doesn’t have a price. Life bored him to tears years ago. The only things he feels any passion about are the TV shows he creates. Those are his babies. He won’t let anything ruin that love, especially not the problems of some stubborn ranch hand named Colt who is way too sexy and stubborn for his own good.

When Colt started his job at Crooked Creek Ranch, he never expected his duties would include babysitting twenty drunk college students for some rich guy’s reality show. While he might not have any choice in the matter, he’ll be damned if he lets Dex Wise completely own him.

If that means he has to sell his time through Cubs for Rent to free himself from the ranch that already owns him, then so be it. He just wished Dex wasn’t so incredibly sexy. That seems a bit unfair.When Dex makes Colt an offer he can’t refuse, their passionate personalities don’t disappear when Colt signs on the dotted line.

But with the way they keep ending up in bed together, it is only a matter of time before someone breaks.

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After Cage

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Cage might be down, but he’s not out, and Hudson belongs to him. After a horrific accident leaves Cage badly scarred, he withdraws from the world. In this day and age of computer technology, he doesn’t need to leave his house to amass a fortune as one partner in a giant gaming company.

Cage has no trouble doing almost everything he needs from his desk. Unfortunately, he still needs someone to handle the errands and events he can’t. Thankfully, he can afford to hire the perfect guy. Three years ago, Hudson signed a contract to belong exclusively to Cage.

He runs his errands, stands in for him at events, and keeps him company. While to most, they might seem to have an odd relationship, Hudson has grown accustomed to Cage’s eccentric ways. In fact, he can’t imagine sharing his life with anyone else.

Except, Cage doesn’t want to come out of the shadows to live a full life with Hudson, and it’s a hell Hudson can no longer tolerate. When Hudson meets someone new, Cage will have to make a choice. He can continue living in fear or reach for the person he loves the most.

He needs to decide fast, because Hudson is done with this half-life.

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Second Choice

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Neither Clint nor Lynx can have who they want. It only seems natural to pass their time together. Until their second choice starts to feel a lot like their first, that is.Clint has spent his life hiding his sexuality to the point of destroying everything.

He didn’t change until his secrets cost him the love of his life. Now he’s determined to be different, even though it’s too late. He has to change for himself. That turns out to be easier than he likes, since his new best friend is as eccentric and out as they come.

Since Lynx was five, he’s been in love with the same guy. Unfortunately, that guy was too blind to see it and Lynx was too scared to lose a friend to push. Now he’s lost his shot and trying to move on. Clint seems like just the distraction he needs.

Until that diversion becomes an obsession, and now Lynx doesn’t know what to do.Two men who think they’ve lost their chance are about to learn that sometimes love is better the second time around. If only they can stop themselves from self-destructing.

.. again.

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Publication Order of Cyborg Books


Parkerson, Charity 2017

Hatred brought them together. Love tore them apart.Twenty years ago, Zephyr drew a line through the center of the world, freeing the A.I. community from human oppression. Humans haven’t stopped hunting him since.As one of the leaders of the Anti-Droid Coalition, it’s Kyle’s job to locate Zephyr and bring him to justice.

After years of searching and planning, finding Zephyr ends up being the easy part. When the tables turn on Kyle, and he finds himself held prisoner deep inside Cryo-Zone, he seizes the opportunity to get the answers he seeks from the elusive leader of the revolt.

Zephyr is more than willing to answer all of Kyle’s many questions, giving the man whatever information he needs. After all, Zephyr has ulterior motives as well. Unfortunately, it’s the other pieces of Zephyr that Kyle’s constant presence steals from him that Zephyr doesn’t know how to handle—like his heart.

When two men from opposite sides of the revolution come together, one will have to choose. He can stand by what he’s always believed is right, or leave everything behind—including his hatred—for a chance at the love of a lifetime.

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Publication Order of Favorite Things Books

Being his Favorite

Parkerson, Charity 2012

After meeting a sexy detective while on vacation, Jane tries keeping their relationship alive via Skype. Each day their encounters reach new levels of steaminess, until the day Noel shows up on her doorstep. **Author Note** This is a short story meant to bring quick results.

It may not be for everyone.

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His Favorite Everything

Parkerson, Charity 2013

In the second part of Award Winning Author Charity Parkerson’s “Favorite Things” series, Jane and Robert are back, and as always with them, it is all about the sex. After keeping their relationship alive via Skype, Robert has decided to change the rules.

However, Jane has a surprise of her own in store for him.. This story has scenes that are F/F, F/M/F/M and might not be for everyone.

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Publication Order of Hard Hit Books


Parkerson, Charity 2015

Shayne thinks he has nothing left to lose…On his way home after losing his job, Shayne’s bad day goes farther downhill when a truck slams into him. The sexy man who pulls him from the wreckage, seeing him at his lowest, is either the best or worst thing to happen to Shayne in a long time.

Challenge accepted…While Lincoln feels guilty for totaling Shayne’s car, he can’t regret having met the man. Something about Shayne calls to him on a new level and brings out a side in him even Lincoln can’t explain.When these two opposites collide it’s only a matter a time before one falls.

Shayne’s first love will always be hockey. With the out-of-work goalie on the hunt for a new team, Lincoln knows their time together is short-lived. It’ll take a veteran player to sneak past the guard on Lincoln’s heart, but Shayne is up for the fight.

**Author note**Collide is the introduction to my new male/male romance series, Hard Hit.

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Parkerson, Charity 2015

When the cover model who’s every man’s fantasy…By most people standards, Ryker is considered odd. As the only child of a notorious conman, he understandably has a few trust issues. Most men are willing to overlook his parentage and strange personality since these days he’s better known as one of the hottest cover models around.

Ryker knows his appearance pays the bills, but it’s also brought grief, stalkers, and one gorgeous cop into his life. There’s one tiny problem with his new-found obsession, Grady—other than being a part of organized law enforcement—he also happens to be straight.

Meets a cop who’s unlike any other man…Grady knows exactly what he wants in life. He has the career he’s always dreamed of, and plays the field, catching every woman he sets his sights on. That is until he meets Ryker. Something about the more-damaged-than-not cover model brings out Grady’s protective side.

Ryker also does something else to Grady. He makes him burn. The last thing Grady expected was to fall for another man, but no one makes him feel the way Ryker does. He can’t get enough. Unfortunately, he’s not the only one.Their passion will blow everyone away.

When Ryker’s ex threatens their newfound love, Grady will stop at nothing to hang onto the man he never knew he wanted, and the bond he’d die to keep.

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Parkerson, Charity 2015

An out-of-control hockey star.A ruthless agent.One needs discipline.The other, release.Henley has been perched on the edge of self-destruction for years. Drugs, alcohol, and dark fetishes are only a few of his vices. When the only man capable of controlling him turns his back for good, Henley finally crosses the line, losing everything.

Kieran Steele is considered one of the most ruthless agents in the world of sports. His cutthroat tactics have never failed to land the deal of every athlete’s dreams. When he sets his sights on something, he always gets what he wants. What Kieran wants most is Henley.

For years, Kieran has watched Henley from the sidelines, fantasizing. Now, Kieran is the one person who can give Henley what he needs—ice beneath his skates and pain in his bed. But is one man’s obsession stronger than the other man’s demons?

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Parkerson, Charity 2015

One man’s trash…He’s hockey’s bad boy. Alex’s reputation as one of the meanest defensemen in the league is nothing compared to his notoriety off the ice. After spending too much time and energy chasing someone who’d never feel the same, Alex is through playing games.

He’s content with his self-indulgent nights of alcohol and strange men.Is another man’s treasure.His entire life Gannon has toed the line, doing his best to keep from becoming a burden to his older brother who ended up saddled with him way too young.

Now Gannon has his sights set on Alex, and he’ll stop at nothing to have him. Including offering Alex something he can’t resist. One night. No strings.Alex is exactly the brand of crazy Gannon’s been searching for.From the beginning, nothing goes as planned between Alex and Gannon, but neither man can stay away.

When a secret from Gannon’s past floats to the surface, Alex has to choose. Will he fight one last time or let life shatter him again?

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

He was a season away from a peaceful life until fate stepped in…Andrei is the jokester. The one no one takes seriously. The one who is darker than anyone could’ve imagined. He spent years hiding behind a wall of humor and bitterness. In spite of his personal issues, Andrei is always willing to help out a friend.

Handing Andrei a walking disaster…In his final year of playing for the Red Zones, one of Andrei’s oldest friends, Kieran Steele, owner of Leagues Today, offers him the opportunity of a lifetime in exchange for keeping the man’s younger brother, Gannon, safe.

Wrapped in the most delicious paper Andrei has ever seen.When Gannon’s life is threatened, Andrei steps in, holding up his end of the bargain. He never expected his actions would land him a love he’d kill to keep and force him to expose the broken man inside he’s kept hidden for too long.

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

Noah’s career means everything to him. That is, until he loses his true everything.Noah has been in love with his best friend, Troy, for as far back as he can remember. There is no one else he can picture spending his life with. After signing a contract with the Blue Fires, Noah heads to New Orleans, ready to start his new life as a pro hockey player.

With the career he’s always dreamed of having in his hands and the man he’s always loved in his bed, Noah thinks everything is golden.But nothing could prepare Noah for how being the star player would change his life. Each time he finds a reporter’s mic underneath his nose, Noah can’t stop himself from pushing Troy farther away, making Troy the dirty secret.

That is, until the day Troy has had enough.With Troy gone, Noah can’t find his footing, but neither does he have the words to fix the things he’s broken. No matter how many times Noah picks up the phone, fear stops him from saying all the words he’s avoided.

Until a single call and a tragic accident changes everything.“He arrived at St. Luke’s Medical Center… Labels no longer counted. Opinions were out the window. Nothing mattered any longer.”Hurt, anger, and bitterness have Noah throwing back the curtain, showing the world his every secret.

But is it too little too late?

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

They were supposed to be a one-night stand, and then a weekend fling… a just-for-this-season affair… soulmates.When Chip met Jai during All-Stars weekend, their hookup should’ve ended there. At the time, it was no big deal. As the assistant coach for the Phoenix Ice Rays, Chip can’t be in a relationship with a player from his team.

Lucky for him, Jai plays for the Red Zones. That is, until the Red Zones make a surprise trade.Jai has the perfect relationship with Chip. He’s more than ready to keep their relationship a secret if it means holding on to this man he can’t resist.

But when a dogged reporter takes some undeniably personal pictures of them, Jai has to choose between the man and the career of his dreams.“He wrecked me. I caught feelings. Now, he says I was never a part of his plan. I’m no man’s mistake.”When the rules are enforced, Chip gives up everything for Jai, even the man himself.

What Chip doesn’t anticipate is how far Jai will go to win him back. When this unstoppable force of nature meets an unmovable man, they’ll both go up in flames.

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

Loyalty demands he stay away. Lust challenges Nathan’s integrity. Love demolishes all boundaries.Nathan can’t recall the precise moment he fell for Derringer, but he knows exactly why he has to stay away. Derringer is dating Nathan’s brother. When Derringer is dumped in the worst of ways, Nathan comes to the rescue.

His motives are pure. His intentions above par. Then he kisses Derringer, and nothing is black or white any longer.Derringer has spent the past two years getting cheated on and manipulated by Nathan’s younger brother, Andrew. He’s done being weak.

The moment Nathan’s lips touch his, Derringer feels more powerful than ever before. Nathan has been a thousand things for Derringer—his savior, listening ear, rock, and friend. Now, Derringer is determined to make Nathan one more thing—his.But Andrew isn’t finished with Derringer, and he won’t stop until he wins Derringer back or destroys him.

Nathan has to make a choice—the younger brother he’s always supported or the man he can’t live without.  

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

Luka was nothing more than a job to Brady… until he wasn’t.When the owner of the Phoenix Ice Rays starts receiving death threats, the first thing he does is hire Brady to protect his son, Luka. It’s a move that leaves Luka less than thrilled. Ever since moving out on his own six years earlier, he’s come to embrace the silence of his workaholic ways.

He doesn’t relish being underneath anyone’s watchful eye, and what eyes they are. Brady’s gorgeous copper-colored gaze follows Luka’s every move, scorching his skin, and making him long for things he shouldn’t. At least, not with an employee.

Brady has spent the past ten years guarding the spoiled and famous. From the first time he meets Luka’s stare, Brady knows this man is different. As hard as Brady tries to keep their relationship professional, he can’t stop the growing attraction between them.

The more he learns about Luka, the deeper Brady sinks.But when the threat to Luka’s life becomes a real and immediate danger, Brady will go to any length to protect the man he loves—even if it means removing himself from Luka’s life.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

Von lives by three relationship rules—no lies, no games, and no strings. Justin has him breaking all three.Von knew the first time he kissed Justin that the man was different. Justin didn’t play by Von’s usual rules. He also knew Justin was way too passionate to be tied down by someone who travels as much Von has to with his team.

For a while, Von was content with being Justin’s part-time lover. That is, until Justin decides to be his no-time lover.At first, Justin was star struck by the sexy hockey player. Von’s brilliant mind, good looks, and delicious accent had Justin enthralled.

He might have chosen to stay Von’s friend with benefits forever if Von hadn’t flaunted another man in his face. Justin might like Von, but he’s no one’s fool. Unfortunately, when he chooses to give Von one last chance, the man rips out his heart, leaving Justin broken and infuriated.

When Von ignores Justin’s fury and refuses to go away, Justin is left with two choices. Either he can listen to Von beat on his front door for the rest of his days or he can let him in and pound some sense into the man who’s ruined Justin for all others.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

The only thing worse than suffering a broken heart is being forced to pretend it never happened.For two years, Mara kept a secret. She was in love with two members of her security team—Landon and Early. As an actress, she’s always in the spotlight.

Keeping her reputation intact is more important than anything. Until the day came that she no longer cared. Loving Early and Landon meant too much to keep hiding. That was the day she lost them.For a year, Mara has suffered in silence. The world doesn’t see her loss.

They don’t know she’s broken. She’s never been more alone. Her downhill spiral forces Kieran Steele to step in, sending her someone to watch over her. Someone every bit as shattered. Now only time will tell if a bucketful of secrets will draw them closer or tear them apart.

Meanwhile, something is happening with Henley, causing problems in his marriage with Kieran. As Kieran struggles to find the key to save their relationship, Henley pulls farther away.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

Michael let Gavin keep him a secret once. Never again.In high school, Michael and Gavin were total opposites. Michael was scholarly while Gavin was the athlete. Gavin chased all the girls and tormented Michael for being gay. Michael endured Gavin’s public taunts with grace, because he knew the truth—he was the relationship Gavin really wanted.

That is, until Gavin went too far and pushed Michael away for good.It’s been years since they’ve seen each other, but not much has changed. Gavin is still the athlete, playing for a minor-league hockey team. Michael still hates him. But fate loves a good laugh, and the pair end up stranded together during a flood.

Things heat up fast, but can they survive more secrets or will Gavin finally destroy Michael for good?

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

Maksim doesn’t do strings. Marshall doesn’t date men. They’re both about to be proven wrong.Marshall is the golden child. He wins every game he plays—on and off the field. He’s living the dream and knows it. That’s why he refuses to let a thing like preferring men in his bed get in his way.

Right now, he’s all about his career. Everything else can wait, or so he thinks, until he meets Maksim.Maksim has it all and basks in it. It’s his job to check out sexy, talented men and offer them lots of money. Sometimes, they’re extremely grateful for his services.

What more could a man want? The last distraction Maksim needs is a relationship. Maksim never expects Marshall. Marshall teases, taunts, and tempts Maksim in ways he never dreamed. He also makes Maksim want a life he never has before.Two men with no desire to change will have to find a way to bend or end up breaking each other.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

Kentucky already lost his career once. He thought regaining it meant everything. Until he met Rory.After getting picked up by New York, getting injured and let go, Kentucky is back in Texas. Working at his dad’s auto repair shop isn’t terrible, but it’s not his dream.

He needs ice under his skates. Kentucky hasn’t given up. He’s determined to reclaim the career he loves. That is, until he meets Rory.Rory recognized Kentucky the first time he laid eyes on him. That’s not why he set out to win him. Kentucky has sad eyes Rory can’t resist.

He only wanted to know him. Rory never expects to love him. He doubly never intends to ruin Kentucky.It’s so easy for Kentucky to fall for Rory. The man is perfect in every way. Except Rory has a secret that could smash Kentucky’s life to bits. Kentucky will have to decide what he can live with and who he can’t live without.

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Publication Order of Hellish Books


Parkerson, Charity 2017

Jonathan thinks Cin is too perfect to be real. He’s right.As the top investigative reporter for Global Daily, Jonathan travels all over the world. Three weeks in Tortola, covering the story of the disappearance of twelve women, sounds like heaven. After all, the island is one of the most beautiful in the world.

He doesn’t have many leads. The women only have one thing in common. They all went missing from the same club—Consume. Fifteen minutes into visiting the club, Jonathan sees him, and the world slips away.Cinaed, better known as Cin, spots Jonathan the moment he walks through the club’s door.

It’s obvious the man is out of place. Cin slips into Jonathan’s mind, catching visions he can’t shake. He’s never wanted a human for anything other than blood and sex, but Jonathan is different. That’s why Cin has to keep the man addicted to being in his bed and send him home safely.

There’s nothing in Tortola for Jonathan except death.Once Jonathan’s three weeks are at an end, it doesn’t take long for him to realize something is wrong. His trip has been—at best—a hazy memory of steamy nights, and he never spent a moment researching his story.

No matter how deep he digs into the recesses of his brain, there’s nothing except the sexy Scot he met at Consume. With a burning need to know everything, and a deep fear he’s been drugged to keep him from his investigation, Jonathan cashes in his extensive vacation time before setting out to break this story.

This time, he’s determined he won’t let anything keep him from the truth, even if it means finding out Cin is the man behind everything.Author note: This is a short introduction into my new M/M vampire series, Hellish. It was first published in the anthology Vampires of the Caribbean.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

The battle between Vampire and Demon rages on.It’s been two months since journalist Jonathan Jones uncovered a band of demons kidnapping women from Tortola. His run-in with the pack left him with him two choices—turn vampire or die. Now, as part of clan Hellish, Jonathan must learn a new way of life.

He also has a huge problem—the turning has left him mated to the vampire prince, Niall. Unfortunately, Niall isn’t who owns Jonathan’s heart.Torn between Cin, the Scottish vampire who’s been his whole world for six years, and the vampire whose blood bond has Jonathan craving more, Jonathan has to find a way to hang on to his sanity.

Between trying to uncover the demons’ secret agenda, a kidnapped demon spawn in their garage, and a love triangle tearing apart the clan, the Hellish group has their hands full. They need to work things out before the world comes to an end—literally.


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Parkerson, Charity 2017

Lire is a demon. An addiction. A curse. Dougal’s only hope.Now that the Hellish clan has their first real lead on the whereabouts of the demon pack they’ve been hunting, they’re off to New Orleans, minus one—Dougal.When Dougal traded his life for Jonathan’s, he had no idea what he’d done.

He’d expected the demon, Lire, would kill him—not keep him as a toy. With his mind a mess and no hope in sight, Dougal’s completely at Lire’s mercy. Luckily, Lire has one weak spot, and his name is Jonathan.In this third installment of Hellish, Jonathan’s attention is split between helping Dougal find a way to survive the damage he suffered as Lire’s prisoner and saving the world from whatever the demons have planned for the humans.

With Mammon, the fifth prince of hell running loose, things aren’t looking great.With the help of new friends and old, Hellish might have a shot at stopping Mammon from unleashing his evil on the world. Then again, sometimes greed wins the day.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

In his twelve hundred years on earth, Baptiste has been called many things. Vampire. Voodoo Priest. Demon mate. They’re all true.Running a small voodoo shop in the heart of the French Quarter has given Baptiste something to do with his free time other than pine for the mate he never sees.

While it’s true he sells worthless trinkets to tourists, he’s also been known to sell a real spell or two. As the child of a powerful Druid, Baptiste already knew all there was to know about the supernatural world before he willingly turned Vampire nearly twelve hundred years ago.

Except, no one told him he’d fall in love with a demon one day and spend eternity living in hell.Jonathan and his clan are enjoying some much-needed time off after dealing with their demon problems. It’s Jonathan’s bad luck he accidentally sees inside Baptiste’s head during a visit.

Now they’re—once again—pulled into the drama of demons as they try to help Baptiste. But Baptiste doesn’t need rescuing. In fact, he holds the key to saving them.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

Bleidd hates everything about Evan, except the thought of having him in his bed.Four years ago, a prince of Hell wiped out Evan’s entire wolfpack, leaving him alone. At first, he tried fitting in with the Swedish pack, but its leader, Bleidd, banished him.

Evan’s crime—Bleidd’s attraction to him. Now Evan is the wolf protector of a god’s mate. The title puts him leagues above Bleidd. Still, the pretentious Swedish alpha turns his nose up at Evan in every way, except when it comes to trying to lure Evan to his bed.

Brought to life by Odin, Bleidd is older than Evan can fathom, much too old to play games with such a young pup. But there’s something about Evan, something that keeps Bleidd coming back. When Bleidd turns up in New Orleans, he can’t tell Evan the reason he’s there, but he can use the trip to try to win the childish wolf he can’t shake.

Unfortunately for Bleidd, he’s not the only creature set on having Evan. He’ll have to step up his game and—more importantly—stay alive if he hopes to call Evan his mate.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

Damaged doesn’t begin to cover Tamil’s current state. Riskel wants to fix that.Turned out at a young age, Tamil was taken in by evil. All he’s known is abuse until Jonathan comes to his rescue. His mind and body are broken, but Jonathan’s home is different from any place he’s ever been.

People are kind for no reason. As much as that messes with his head, it’s nothing compared to the way Riskel confuses him. Nothing feels real anymore.Even though Tamil almost killed Riskel, Riskel knows a wounded beast when he sees one—in pain and lashing out.

Riskel can’t stop himself from trying to help. Each day he gains Tamil’s trust a little more—like taming a wild animal. Only time will tell if Tamil is worth the effort or if he’ll slice Riskel’s throat in his sleep. It’s a chance Riskel’s willing to take.

Unfortunately, Riskel isn’t the only being obsessed with Tamil. Evil doesn’t want to let go. Riskel will have to risk more than his neck if he hopes to break the devil’s hold.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

A cursed tiger. A sexy cop. Nothing in common except a powerful attraction. It’s been months since Saber was cursed by Baptiste for his mistakes with Evan. With no relief in sight, and his pride stopping him from begging for forgiveness, he’s had to get his adrenaline rushes elsewhere.

It’s a move that’s landed him in the sights of a super sexy cop. Saber Khatri is the opposite of everything Landry stands for in life. The huge blond is wild, reckless, cocky, and—Landry suspects—deadly. Landry knows Saber is keeping secrets from him.

What Landry doesn’t realize is that his inability to resist Saber’s killer good looks might literally be the death of him.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

A human thrust into the world of the supernatural. The alpha mate who doesn’t want him. It’s all about to collide with the being who does.Everything began with a stupid accident. As usual, Shepherd hadn’t been paying attention when he sliced Raff’s skin.

His unwitting move left Raff scarred and revealed Shepherd’s fate as the southeast pack leader’s mate. It’s a position he doesn’t want.Raff and Dante have been a couple for over fifty years. Despite knowing they aren’t each other’s fated mate, their love is strong and real.

Until fate shows its hand, tearing them apart. Raff puts his foot down and refuses to claim Shepherd. Shepherd wants no part of being claimed. Meanwhile, Dante is trying his damnedest to lick his wounds and accept his loss. No one is coming out the winner in their standoff.

But when a demon comes calling, offering Shepherd a way to fix the damage he’s caused, someone will have to break. Otherwise, they all might end up doomed.

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Parkerson, Charity 2019

Stryph is neither good nor bad. Meeting Amor is about to test that.As one of Heaven’s weapons, Stryph walks alone. He has no soul to share. Considered neither good nor bad, Stryph keeps life’s balance. Every living being depends on his neutrality.

It’s an existence that moved beyond weary several millennia ago. His only friend, Shepherd has found his mates. Now, Stryph’s longing for a nonexistent mate is twice as strong. It’s a predicament Goddess Celeste has a plan to fix.Amor hates everyone equally, which is funny because he’s literally love.

Being sent to Earth to deal with things he doesn’t care about, does nothing to improve Amor’s bitterness. But Amor loves Celeste, and it’s been years since he’s visited the watery planet that’s survived so many fits from darker gods. He plans to treat the trip like a vacation.

Amor never expects Stryph.When these two powerful and volatile beings meet, the explosion of emotions is real. Only time will tell what those feelings turn out to be. It could be love, hate, or simply lust. Or maybe they’ll just end the world.

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Hellish Holiday

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Presents. Cocoa. A bound and nude Santa. It’s a bite-sized Hellish holiday.When the Hellish clan decides to throw a human-style Christmas celebration for Jonathan, they never expect a troublesome perverted deer shifter will be the center of attention for the day.

Neither did Payton. Four months ago, while in deer form, Payton accidentally ended up on Hellish land. After stopping to get a quick drink from the lake, he planned to move along. Four months later, he’s nude, bound, and in the king’s home with no memory of what happened in between.

All he knows any longer is the all-consuming lust that burns through his veins all hours of the day.With nothing but his last memory and the horrifying stories from his new friends about his lustful attempts to get back to the lake, Payton has to piece together his lost time.

Payton hopes what he finds brings him peace. Because what or who he really wants seems too far-fetched to be real—even for a shifter.

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Hellish Halloween

Parkerson, Charity 2020

The Hellish Clan is hosting a Halloween celebration for the ages. At least one human has found his way there and is in way over his head.While Pierce always travels to NOLA for Halloween, this year’s trip is turning into an unforgettable one. First, a psychic sends him to the middle of nowhere to meet an undisclosed destiny.

Then, he finds himself in the middle of some crazy orgy in the woods celebrating the gods. As if that’s not enough, a sexy guy named Red claims Pierce is his fated mate. Pierce doesn’t know if he should commit himself to the psych ward now or wait until someone else does it for him.

The problem is, he kind of wants to believe all this craziness about gods, vampires, and werewolves. Pierce feels like he’s at home with his burly biker wolf. He doesn’t know where to go with that, but Pierce better figure things out quick, because a possessive werewolf won’t wait forever.

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Parkerson, Charity 2021

A human meets a fox shifter. There are a lot of lies in that sentence.Pip is obsessed with boxing. The bouncing and striking calls to his inner fox. When Celeste gives him a ringside ticket to the light heavyweight championship match, Pip is over the moon.

Seeing his favorite boxer, Savage Holiday, up close is like a dream come true. Then Savage looks his way and Pip discovers what really drives his passion for the sport. Turns out, it has nothing to do with boxing at all.Savage never notices anyone when he’s in the zone.

Adrenaline always keeps him focused on winning and nothing else. There’s something about Pip’s eyes, though. They’re almost unnatural. Savage’s attention is caught. He can’t explain the draw, but Savage can’t stay away. Pip is odd and playful.

He’s nothing like the rough and tumble crowd Savage normally runs with. He makes Savage want to risk everything. It’s a race to see which of their secrets ruins them first.The Hellish Clan is back as—once again—Celeste has paired an unlikely couple.

The delicate situation needs to be handled as tactfully as possible. Except Jonathan and Celeste are in charge. That means things are handled as dramatically as possible. Now, let’s see if Savage can handle it.

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Parkerson, Charity 2021

All Nix wants is to stay alive. Even wants to keep him that way too… if he can.As possibly the last phoenix left in existence, Nix has been beyond lonely for years. Even though King Jonathan has always ensured he feels included, Nix doesn’t fit in.

He doesn’t know how to connect. Unfortunately, since someone or something seems to want him dead, he has to depend on the Hellish clan to keep him safe no matter how out of place he feels. Luckily, they have a plan.Eventide has existed since the beginning of time.

He’s watched countless creatures fade in and out of existence. That’s how life goes. Everything has a season. He doesn’t get involved in the troubles of man or beast. Nix is the only exception. Nix forces light into Even’s eternal darkness. Even doesn’t hesitate to offer his help in keeping Nix safe from an invisible foe.

After all, he’s the only being in existence with the power and time to shield Nix from any enemy. But who will keep Nix safe when he’s with Even?The Hellish Clan is back with a new mystery to solve. This time, the answer might be closer than they think.

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Publication Order of Hooked Books


Parkerson, Charity 2016

Chance didn’t expect to start his day in the back of a police cruiser. Lucky for him, the man behind the wheel is Chance’s best friend and onetime lover, Jaxon.Jaxon wants Chance. He has since the first moment he set eyes on the sexy Librarian. Unfortunately, Chance always has bullshit going on, standing in their way.

Most men would consider Chance more trouble than he’s worth. Not Jaxon. He can’t get enough of Chance’s constant drama. When Chance’s life spirals out of control—the way Chance’s life always seems to do—Jaxon rushes to the rescue only to end up screwing things up… again.

These two independent souls might drive each other mad, but there’s no denying their love, or the fiery hot passion brewing between them. If only Chance could stop lying to Jaxon, maybe they’d stand a chance.Undone is a short introduction to Charity Parkerson’s new M/M series, Hooked.


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Parkerson, Charity 2016

Holden wants stability. Sam wants the world. They both crave each other.Since the day Holden walked into the gym where Sam works, Sam has been infatuated. For some reason he can’t explain, when Holden’s around, Sam can’t stop talking. No one else in the world knows as much about him.

The only thing he’s kept to himself is his hunger for Holden’s attention. That is, until the day Sam catches Holden watching him with the same longing.Holden loves the sound of Sam’s voice. He can’t get enough of the up-and-coming strongman competitor’s time.

There’s nothing platonic, sane, or calm about the way Sam makes him burn. That’s exactly why Holden has kept his feelings to himself. Holden has seen what having a passionate heart does to people, and he wants no part of it.Holden’s reluctance is only one obstacle standing in Sam’s way.

There’s another problem waiting in the shadows and undermining Sam’s every attempt at winning Holden’s heart. Can they find their way to middle ground or are they doomed to always be uneven?

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

Malik loves hating Logan… or hates loving Logan. Hell, even he doesn’t know.Three years ago, Malik met the man of his dreams. Everything stopped for him, so his world could revolve around Logan. Eight months ago, Logan walked away, leaving Malik with one burning question—why?No man on the planet has ever stolen Logan’s heart the way Malik has.

As much as Malik claims he loves Logan, Logan knows the truth. He’ll always come second to Malik’s boxing career, but that’s not why Logan left. He has his reasons, and he can’t share them with Malik. But a love this real and strong, it won’t be denied.

When Malik finally learns the truth, he’ll stop at nothing to win back the man he’s barely surviving without. But even Malik doesn’t know if there are enough words of love to overcome the hatred he’s spewed these past months. When his friend, Ryan, steps in, determined to help, Malik reluctantly accepts.

But will Ryan become the glue holding them together, or will he tear them apart?An up-and-coming fighter, with a marriage on the mend, and a friend who wants in the middle in the most delicious ways… it’s a future Unknown.

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

“A bottle of liquor a day keeps the demons at bay.”After a childhood so horrific a book was published about it, Jimmy understandably didn’t become the most well-adjusted adult. He’s made it his business to blend into the background while drinking himself into an early grave.

That is, until he pulls a homeless teen from the dumpster.Living on the streets hasn’t been easy for Eli. Anything is better than the life he left behind. Strangers haven’t always had the best of intentions when they claim they want to help. Jimmy is different.

That doesn’t mean Eli won’t rob him blind and disappear into the night.When Eli returns, older and prepared to repay his debt, he never expects to give up more than his savings to the sexy bar owner. Sometimes, it takes two people who’ve seen hell to create heaven.

Unfortunately, they’ll have to face their demons if they hope to make it work between them.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

All it took was one night with Jace, and Tyler was hooked. Too bad it took less than one night for him to ruin any chance of being with Jace.Twenty years of working with endangered and exploited children has left Tyler tired and jaded. Even though he’s solved hundreds of cases, saving children all over the country, the countless he couldn’t save haunt his dreams.

He’s yet to meet a man who can tolerate his dark moods for long. That is, until he meets Jace.Jace has spent his life used and mistreated by men. Even though he keeps up a strong face, he’s exhausted and his self-esteem is non-existent. Something about Tyler is different from the rest.

For Jace, Tyler checks every box. However, the instant he gives Tyler a chance, the man crushes him, proving he’s exactly like every other man Jace has ever met.Tyler hates he hurt Jace. Although he immediately regrets his actions, he also doesn’t know how to build a real relationship when he doesn’t think he has anything to offer.

How can two men who’ve never known love recognize it, even when it’s staring them in the face? They’d better figure things out quick, because their relationship is heating up fast. Neither man wants to get burned, and there’s already one person who can’t wait to destroy what they have.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

Adam wasn’t looking for love when it fell in his lap. He doesn’t want it.When Adam landed an internship with the makeup artist for the stars, he thought he was on the verge of having all his dreams come true. There was no way he could foresee the nightmare the position would become.

By one month in, he wonders if he hasn’t made the biggest mistake of his life. That is, until he meets Kano Aramante, the founder of the largest fashion magazine in the world.Kano doesn’t let people in. He learned long ago his position invites users and ladder climbers into his life.

Not to mention, Today’s Beauty is his whole world. He doesn’t have time for lovers or friends. Meeting Adam reminds him what it’s like to have passion and drive for something just out of reach. He sees so much of himself in Adam, but giving Adam the opportunity of a lifetime turns out to be Kano’s biggest mistake.

Adam doesn’t mean to fall in love with Kano. The man is too much to resist. His giving nature and powerful presence draw Adam in against his better judgment. They click. But Adam doesn’t want to be seen as the man who slept his way to the top. He’s worked too hard to have his dreams belittled.

It seems no matter how hard they fight to be closer, the gap between Kano and Adam widens. Sometimes, there is no middle ground, and love isn’t always enough to conquer all.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

They weren’t supposed to matter. It was just sex until it wasn’t.Rylan is the makeup artist for the stars. Everyone who is anyone employs his services. No one wants him in the way Tim does, especially since Rylan isn’t the least bit likable. Since Rylan isn’t in the business of pleasing anyone except himself, he doesn’t care what people think of him—not even Tim.

Tim has no idea why he can’t stay away from Rylan. The man is rude, egotistical, and abrasive as hell. Rylan is also the most passionate person Tim has ever met. Every time Tim thinks he’s done, something about Rylan keeps him hanging on.After an out-of-town and on-set disastrous weekend together, Tim has finally reached his limit.

That is, until he learns the real reason behind Rylan’s inability to let anyone close. Now Tim can’t stop trying to win the most unlovable man on the planet.

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Publication Order of Incurably Wicked Books


Parkerson, Charity 2013

From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson:Three stories to remind those who are owned by their fantasies that you’re not alone…Black Ribbon Fantasy:An invitation to a famous, or infamous, naughty nobody knows your name masquerade ball brings Holly’s hidden sexual fantasies to life.

**Warning: This story contains scenes of voyeurism and ménage.Coffee Shop Fantasy: When Miranda meets a powerful businessman online, she never expects he’ll turn his single-minded determination towards getting her into his bed.An Invitation to Fantasy:Sarah and Charlie’s short affair ended with them both wanting more, and now that Sarah is back in town, Charlie does not intend to allow her to get away again.

**Warning: This story contains some light bondage scenes.***This is a republication of the title “Unbound Fantasies”

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Publication Order of Low Blow Books


Parkerson, Charity 2016

Gunnar is one fight away from cruiserweight champion, and one flight of stairs away from true love.When Gunnar left his ex, the current cruiserweight champion, two years earlier and moved back to his hometown, he knew he was passing up his chance to win the world.

The last thing he wants is to meet his ex in the ring while the world dubs it a grudge match. For the most part, he’s content with traveling. Being known as the casino champ isn’t a bad gig. He doesn’t realize he’s missing anything. That is, until Gunnar comes to a stranger’s rescue in the rain.

Liam isn’t a stranger at all. Not only has he been living upstairs from Gunnar for the past two years, they went to high school together. Since Liam’s changed a lot in the past few years, he doesn’t hold it against Gunnar for not recognizing him.

His issue with Gunnar is something else entirely—like that time Gunnar didn’t call.Liam has no intention of falling victim to Gunnar’s charms twice. Life, on the other hand, has different plans.

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Parkerson, Charity 2016

Kaz knows Boston isn’t a good person. He just doesn’t care.Boston’s looks alone could only be the work of the devil. His wicked smile, sexual expertise, and black heart are further proof the man had to have been created by Lucifer himself. He’s tried ruining Kaz’s best friend’s life and has never been faithful to a soul.

None of it matters. Kaz still can’t stay away. He tells himself Boston means nothing. Kaz can quit him any time he likes. As long as Boston remains a secret, no one gets hurt… Right?As the former cruiserweight champion, Boston is used to having the world at his feet.

There’s been few things in his life that have made him feel an ounce of guilt. Kaz is no different. Boston saw him, wanted him, and then set out to have him. He knows Kaz thinks to keep him a secret. But Boston hasn’t gotten this far in life by hiding in the shadows.

When their relationship takes an unexpected turn and is shoved into the light, Kaz finds himself at a crossroad. He can accept the life he’s always known, saving his heart and oldest friendship, or risk everything on the bad boy who could give him the world.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

It’ll take one hell of a brawler to fight through this mess. Luckily, Aden is used to uphill battles.At one time, Aden was one of the most sought after trainers in the world. Unfortunately, he folded under the pressure. Now, he lives the quiet life in Key Largo, running a small but exclusive gym.

When he walked away from his old life, he did so with no regrets sans one—Remy Bergeau, the current welterweight champion.Remy and Aden have history. That’s the best way Remy can describe the way Aden destroyed his life, leaving his heart and reputation in tatters.

Remy might be bitter, but he’s not much on holding a grudge. When his sponsors send him to Key Largo for a photo-op, Remy has no plan beyond getting in and out with his pride intact. Nothing could prepare him for seeing Aden again.No one has ever made Aden want to set a match to the kindling of his life like Remy.

All it takes is five minutes in the man’s company for Aden to do just that—revealing his every secret. Now, all Aden can do is hope the truth will set Remy free long enough for Aden to recapture the man’s heart.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

Two men with no interest in being tied down. Each incapable of staying away from the other. Who will be the first to break?For years, Daniel has traveled the world, enjoying the benefits of his position with the Daily Sports Report. He’s always loved all things sports.

This is his passion. He’s never met a man who can tempt him to slow down. No promises of love can match the dream he’s already living, until Isaac.Isaac isn’t starving for anything. He’s closer to achieving his dreams than ever, thanks to the world’s best trainer taking him in.

Men throw themselves his way, keeping him fed sexually. Isaac doesn’t need a relationship holding him back. That is, until a sexy sports journalist invites Isaac back to his hotel room.No matter how hard the men try avoiding each other, they can’t seem to stop crossing paths.

An attraction becomes a connection. A connection becomes an obsession. If they’re not careful, an obsession will become a love worth losing everything for.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

He’s a player. Everyone knows it. Except Sean isn’t a game to him.Mateo has been the biggest contender for the Super Lightweight title for over two years. No matter how hard he works, he can’t seem to beat the current champ. Since boxing is all he has in the world, it’s an issue.

His confidence is in the can, and his social life is non-existent. Mateo has had no real friends or relationships that have lasted longer than one night in years. That is, until he meets a man whose beautiful heart leaves him mystified.Rescuing a drunk from the parking lot of his workplace, Slip, isn’t a new thing for Sean.

People leave the bar and grill plastered and intent on driving all the time. Usually, Sean calls them a cab and sends them on their way. Mateo is the first one he’s ever taken home. There’s something sad about Mateo. Sean lost all his friends years ago, and he sees a kindred spirit in the sexy boxer.

It’s easier than he ever dreams to consider the man his best friend in no time at all. Except he’s not. Mateo is so much more.It’ll take the purest heart to save a broken man from a hellish life. Unfortunately, when it comes to Mateo and Sean, it’s hard to know who needs rescuing the most.

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Publication Order of Messy Hearts Books


Parkerson, Charity 2020

Two men with nothing in common. An instant connection neither man expects. It’s an obsession born.When his car gets recalled, River dreads a day wasted at the dealership. The sexy and overly helpful mechanic in charge of his car has him feeling a little better about the inconvenience.

When his Mr. Fix-it, Nash, offers to do some extra work on River’s car after hours for free, River can’t pass up the deal. He never expects Nash to be kind, funny, and overwhelming. River definitely never expects Nash to steal his heart.Even as Nash hears himself offer to work on River’s car for free, he has no idea what’s gotten into him.

River is a tiny thing who looks skittish and entirely too breakable. Nash has never been accused of being any of those things. He’s big, rough around the edges, and terrible at picking up men. No one is more surprised than Nash at how easily and quickly he finds his heart snagged by the guileless River.

He’ll do anything to make River his, even if it means upending his own life.When two men from different worlds find themselves on common ground, both will have to find the strength to face their pasts if they hope to be together. Otherwise, they might miss a real shot at love.

Heart-jacked is the first book in bestselling author Charity Parkerson’s Messy Hearts series. Messy Hearts is a series about imperfect men with messy lives who find something beautiful with their other halves. Hopefully, you’ll find a couple to love.

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Parkerson, Charity 2020

Two men made weary by life. A vow to accept each other as they are. Together, they’re building a beautiful future… no matter what anyone thinks.When Jason moves to Vegas to start a new life, the first friend he makes is in the same boat: new in town with only business acquaintances to call friends.

Jason is immediately drawn to the bitterness Raiden doesn’t try to hide. Since he’s lived his life forced to tell lies, Jason doesn’t hold back with Raiden. He dumps all the truth and ugliness on him the first time they meet. No one is more surprised than Jason at Raiden’s acceptance of a criminal past that would send anyone else straight for the hills.

Raiden is used to men chasing him. After all, he gets paid because of his looks. Despite Jason literally chasing him down in a parking lot, Jason is different. He doesn’t expect Raiden to smile, be quiet, and look pretty. Jason has something unique Raiden can’t resist.

Raiden can’t explain why he keeps letting Jason deeper into his life. All Raiden knows is, he can’t withstand another loss. He needs Jason to be exactly who he claims to be, because Raiden is too weak to fight against life any longer.When two men with equally broken lives come together, no one trusts their love as real.

Not even them. Someone will have to be the first to challenge the odds, or they’ll miss out on a lifetime of happiness.

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Parkerson, Charity 2020

Cruz thought they were perfect. Ford couldn’t take the loneliness any longer. Everything will need to change to save them.Ford has been Cruz’s best friend for a few years. Their friends-with-benefits arrangement has always worked for Cruz. Cruz isn’t seeing anyone else.

He assumes Ford is the same. It’s a perfect relationship as far as Cruz is concerned. He’s too busy running his successful custom bike shop to look too closely at their relationship. Then it’s gone.Since Ford met Cruz, he’s been in love. Despite Cruz’s inability to see anything beyond his success, Cruz is still pretty amazing.

He’s gorgeous and fun. He’s that guy who never loses. The problem is, Cruz doesn’t love Ford. He could walk away anytime, and Ford wants someone who can’t live without him. Ford knows there’s no way he’ll ever have a normal life with Cruz, and as long as he stays close by, he’ll never stop saying yes when Cruz calls.

That’s why he takes a job over three hundred miles away from the man who owns his heart. It’s the only way he’ll ever be free.When Ford drops the news that’s he’s done and moving away, Cruz has to find a way to stop him. Everything he believed about their relationship has to change.

While Cruz has no intention of letting Ford get away, this might be the one time he doesn’t get his way.

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Parkerson, Charity 2020

An ugly divorce left Bay bitter. Antonio has exactly what he needs. If Bay would let him in, that is.After catching his husband in bed with another man, Bay is understandably a little gun shy. When he heads to Vegas for a conference, he never expects to meet a sexy Italian casino owner.

Antonio has “player” written all over him. He’s too much of everything. Bay doesn’t want anything Antonio is selling, except he kind of does, and he hates himself for that weakness.Antonio has.... issues. There are things he deals with that not everyone can understand.

For that reason, he chooses his friends and bed partners very carefully. He watches people, reads them, and only plays with the ones who have that certain neediness in their eyes. Bay is the perfect fit. There’s only one problem to Antonio’s mind.

Bay lives over three hundred miles away.Distance and mistrust make the possibility of a real relationship seem impossible, but Antonio is determined to make Bay his. It’s a good thing the casino owner is used to rigging games in his favor.

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Parkerson, Charity 2020

When Derreck’s old flame gains a whole new outlook, Derreck will need to find himself if he hopes to win him back.There was a time when Jett had issues. He didn’t respect himself and didn’t care if anyone else treated him the way he deserves. Age and counseling have changed all that.

Jett has grown some backbone and self-respect. That’s exactly why his ex has no clue how to handle him now.Derreck has dated a lot of men in his life. He’s loved and lost like everyone else, but he’s never lost anyone like Jett. He can’t get past the emptiness.

When he had his shot with Jett, Derreck didn’t treat Jett as the blessing he should have. Now, Jett is strong and independent. He doesn’t need Derreck at all. Derreck has never wanted anyone more. But Derreck isn’t the only one with Jett in his sights, and Derreck no longer knows if that’s a good or a bad thing.

If there’s any shot of making things work with Jett, Derreck will have to face at least one truth about himself: he wants more than he realized the first time around. It’s a good thing someone else sees Jett and Derreck for who they really are, and he knows exactly what they need—him.

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Publication Order of No Rival Books


Parkerson, Charity 2014

For months, Aubree has been obsessed with two men—best friends, Max and Ryan. She’s resigned herself to having her desires be nothing more than a late night fantasy. When the pair invites her to a weekend party hosted by a famous MMA champion, Drew Alexander, she accepts without a qualm.

She never expects the two men plan to make her secret longings into reality. Unfortunately, that’s only half their agenda. When Aubree learns the men’s true intentions, she turns to Drew for help.Drew is unlike anyone she’s ever met. He’s fun and playful.

Dark and brooding. He’s everything she’s been searching for rolled up in a delicious package. Unfortunately, Max and Ryan aren’t finished with her yet. Aubree has to choose—does she cling to the friendship she’s had with Max and Ryan, or risk everything on one man who could make all her dreams come true?This book was originally published with Ellora's Cave publishing under the same title.

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Parkerson, Charity 2014

No Rival Book 2Brothers Rhys and Knox have been in love with the same woman for years. While Rhys has been open about his feelings toward Mandy, he’s kept her firmly locked in the friend zone. That is, until a night filled with too much alcohol explodes into passion.

Unfortunately, Rhys doesn’t remember anything of their hot night together. It’s only when he encounters a passionate scene between two of his fight-buddies that Rhys recalls his night with Mandy and vows to make it up to her.Mandy is tired of the drama.

As secrets unravel her friendship with Rhys, Knox steps in to pick up the broken pieces of her heart. Mandy must decide who to choose—the charming reprobate she desires, but who always wrecks her life, or the merciless bad boy who wants to give her the world.

This book was originally published by Ellora's Cave Publishing under the same title.  

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Parkerson, Charity 2014

No Rival book 3Kerry has hated Rhys from the moment she set eyes on him. They’ve never had an encounter that didn’t end with them both enraged. Paired up at his brother’s wedding, their clashing personalities come to a head and a daring wager is made.

Rhys agrees to submit to Kerry for a single evening if she will do the same. Considering the sexual flavors Rhys has enjoyed in his past, it’s one bet Rhys is sure he can’t lose. But Kerry has a few secrets of her own and her plans for him land Rhys in a place he never expected—the arms of sexy Italian solicitor, Asher D’Ettore.

Asher becomes an obsession Rhys can’t shake. His alpha ways and confident mannerisms render all of Rhys’ usual charm useless. With his hard-earned reputation in the media spotlight, Rhys is forced to make a choice between his public persona and true love.

This book was originally published by Ellora's Cave Publishing under the same title.

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Parkerson, Charity 2014

No Rival book 4Using unmatched skill and intelligence, Kurt captures the attention of every partner he desires. His ability to confuse his prey keeps them captivated. This trick has never failed him. That is, until he meets McKenna.Author McKenna Jones has gone to great lengths to ensure the details of her erotic books are airtight.

When Kurt challenges one of her scenes, she doesn’t hesitate to take up his offer to prove his theory. The bad boy MMA fighter appeals to her on every level. Kurt’s intelligence stimulates her mind even as his touch sets her body on fire. Although McKenna would rather not add her name to his list of ex-lovers, she cannot resist his pull.

McKenna’s odd behavior exasperates Kurt. She is an addiction he cannot shake, but somehow the two of them need to make the combination of his OCD logic and her unbalanced nature work, because a surprise is about to turn their lives upside down.This book was originally published by Ellora's Cave Publishing under the same title.

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Parkerson, Charity 2014

Book 5 in the No Rival seriesA career-ending injury leaves Brian reeling. With no clue what he’ll do now that his dream of becoming an MMA champion is over, he is shocked at an unexpected offer of help from a former champ.Terry has seen the top and is happy with his life in retirement.

However, the chance to help a fellow fighter regain his dream is something he can’t resist.When Brian accepts Terry’s offer, the sexual magnetism between them catches Brian off guard. Keeping his attraction hidden becomes a bigger challenge than regaining his strength.

Plus, Terry’s mixed signals leave Brian frustrated and confused.Though Terry is just as hot for Brian, he has secrets that could tear their budding romance apart. But he simply cannot resist the pull Brian has over him or the heat between them. Through it all, both men discover that love really can conquer all.

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Parkerson, Charity 2015

No Rival series, book 6.When Kip’s boyfriend abandoned her, Brian and Terry—two of MMA’s greatest—came to her rescue. Now, two years later, they’re the only ones who know the truth. Kip has more dark secrets in her past than just a no-good ex turned deadbeat dad.

Kip hadn’t planned on staying in Vegas. She’d thought to rest and move on—but then, she hadn’t expected to meet someone like Cameron.A horrific wartime injury changed Cameron’s mind and body. As part of Terry’s soldier rehabilitation program, Cameron has fought his way back from the brink.

He’s accepted he’ll never regain the life he once had but Kip makes him dream.When Kip’s past threatens their fragile love and tests the boundaries of all Cameron stands for, he has to make a choice—give up the only person who makes him feel alive or embrace the fact there is no black and white.

This book was originally published by Ellora's Cave Publishing under the same title.

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Parkerson, Charity 2017

Most people’s soulmates bring light, joy, and happiness into their lives. Jozsua’s brought death.As the younger brother of a notorious crime lord, Jozsua’s life has been anything but normal. Mostly, it’s been spent hiding out in the open. He’s been fighting on the MMA circuit while trying to keep his sister-in-law and niece safe from the remnants of his brother’s reputation since his death.

The only break Jozsua has ever had from the monotony of life on the run was that one time he fell in love with a killer.Dmitry’s been called a lot of things—murderer, psychopath… hitman. Seeing how it’s all true, he doesn’t let it get to him.

Since he’s a sociopath, it wouldn’t bother him, even if it could. When he’s sent to infiltrate the Danshov family, he also doesn’t let the fact that he’ll have to kill them all one day stop him from pursuing Jozsua. After all, he’s not one to deny himself when someone catches his eye.

However, once Jozsua is in his bed and in his head, Dmitry can’t shake him.Now, with the job he was hired to complete out of the way, Dmitry has his sights set on Jozsua once again. With all his secrets on the table, he has one last job to do—to win back the man who gave him a conscience.

The man whose brother Dmitry killed.Author note: This is a dark story not meant for all readers. Jozsua and Dmitry’s love is borderline insanity, but it’s their love story.

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Publication Order of Safe Haven Books

Danger Undercover

Parkerson, Charity 2010

Welcome to the underworld of The U.S. Defense against Homeland Terrorism.The Assignment: Caitlin meets a pair of sexy detectives and finds her once secure life turned on its head.The Agent: Agent Jackson Cook doesn't know who he is anymore, but a hot reporter is getting ready to ruin all three of his names.

The Assassin: Dan Simmons has met the woman of his dreams, now all he has to do is convince her that killing comes with a great 410K.The Informant: A tragedy carries Catriona to Scotland where she comes face to face with a ghost.When danger is undercover, sometimes your friends are your enemies, and strangers are your only friends.

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The Assignment

Parkerson, Charity 2012
Welcome to the underworld of The U.S. Defense against Homeland Terrorism & The Safe Haven team.Book One "The Assignment" Caitlin meets a pair of sexy detectives and finds her once secure life turned on its head. Read More

The Assassin

Parkerson, Charity 2012
Welcome to the underworld of The U.S. Defense against Homeland Terrorism and the Safe Haven team.Book Three:"The Assassin" Dan Simmons has met the woman of his dreams, now all he has to do is convince her that killing comes with a great 410K. Read More

The Agent

Parkerson, Charity 2012
Welcome to the underworld of The U.S. Defense against Homeland Terrorism and the Safe Haven team.Book Two:"The Agent" Agent Jackson Cook doesn't know who he is anymore, but a hot reporter is getting ready to ruin all three of his names. Read More

The Informant

Parkerson, Charity 2012
Welcome to the underworld of The U.S. Defense against Homeland Terrorism and the Safe Haven team.Book Four:"The Informant" A tragedy carries Catriona to Scotland where she comes face to face with a ghost. Read More

Publication Order of Secured Heart Books

Secured Secret

Parkerson, Charity 2014

Book Two: "Secured Heart" series From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson A quick trip to the store for some chocolate therapy, and a fateful encounter with a few gorgeous men, shakes up F.B.I. Agent Genie Cook's once secure life. **This title was originally published in the anthology "A Secure Heart" **

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Secured Undercover

Parkerson, Charity 2014
Fashion Designer Flower Calloway's next big show could make her famous all over the world. However, when she meets the sexy security team who's in charge of keeping the high-dollar fashion safe, she ends up uncovering a few secrets that could break her heart. Read More

Secured Sparks

Parkerson, Charity 2014
Twin brothers Weave and Bob are hardened fighters, but two special women are going to have them throwing off sparks instead of punches. Read More

Secured Wishes

Parkerson, Charity 2014
Book Three: "Secured Heart" series From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson For Jacob and Gracie, it is love at first sight, but it will take more than a few wishes to hold them together when Jacob's career threatens to tear them apart. Read More

Publication Order of Seventh Level Books

Pure Hell

Parkerson, Charity 2016

Not good enough for heaven but not bad enough to burn.Kylie has a slight problem. She's dead and trapped between the realms. Left with no options, she follows Detective Liam Stone on the hunt for her killer. Death has left Kylie invisible but does nothing to dampen her desire for the sexy detective.

Instead, it gives her the freedom to do as she pleases with his body, and what a delicious body it is.Liam’s determined to solve Kylie’s case but as the clues uncover an underground world of demonic torture and pacts, Liam must face his own secrets or the flames of passion won't be the only ones the couple will have to face.

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Hell Bound

Parkerson, Charity 2016

Wade Collins survived a childhood filled with abuse and vows he’ll never have children of his own. So his bargain with Septem, prince of the seventh realm of Hell, for the soul of his first-born is no loss at all. That is, until he meets Morgan and their hot love affair produces an unexpected child.

Now Wade must find a way to save everything he has come to love by outwitting a demon who is old as time and who will stop at nothing to collect.Inside Scoop: This scary tale includes graphic violence and alludes to past abuse. Make sure to leave your lights on for this one.

You wouldn’t want to miss a moment of this alpha male musician.

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Seventh Level

Parkerson, Charity 2016

Book 1: Pure HellWelcome to the Seventh Level. Are you ready to play?Not good enough for heaven but not bad enough to burn. Kylie has a slight problem. She's dead and trapped between the realms. Left with no options, she follows Detective Liam Stone on the hunt for her killer.

Death has left Kylie invisible but does nothing to dampen her desire for the sexy detective. Instead, it gives her the freedom to do as she pleases with his body, and what a delicious body it is.Book 2: Hell BoundWade Collins survived a childhood filled with abuse and vows he’ll never have children of his own.

So his bargain with Septem, prince of the seventh realm of Hell, for the soul of his first-born is no loss at all. That is, until he meets Morgan and their hot love affair produces an unexpected child. Now Wade must find a way to save everything he has come to love by outwitting a demon who is old as time and who will stop at nothing to collect.

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Publication Order of Sexy Witches Books

The Sexy & the Undead

Parkerson, Charity 2013

A potion gone wrong, or right?Single, unemployed, and in charge of her very own pet zombie, Ella Perry is cooking up trouble, and it's raining men.Ella has spent years searching for a cure for a zombie named Freddie. However, when an experimental concoction takes an unexpected turn, she gets a glimpse of the life she's been missing by hanging out with the undead.

Zombies, Angels, and Pixies. Oh my! Don't miss out on the first book in the "Sexy Witches" series by Bestselling Author Charity Parkerson.Reading order for the "Sexy Witches" series:The Sexy & The UndeadWanted: Hexed or AliveThe Pixie & The PrinceTasting TemptationThe Wizard & The Wanton

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Parkerson, Charity 2013

It is said that the man who controls fate controls the world, but what of the person who controls the man? What is said of them? Rowena the Fate has a problem—a problem of the pirate variety. Following the advice of friends, she’ll seek out the wizard Randall Cruz for help.

As owner of an apothecary, Randall is used to unusual requests. Rowena’s pirate removal spell doesn’t faze him, but what happens afterwards will leave him in a position he never dreamed possible.“Wanted: Hexed or Alive” is a short “in between” story from Best-selling Author Charity Parkerson’s “Sexy Witches” series.

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Sexy Witches

Parkerson, Charity 2013

Witching isn’t easy, and these magical hotties have their cauldrons full. The Witch: A potion gone wrong, or right? Single, unemployed, and in charge of her very own pet zombie, Ella Perry is cooking up trouble, and it's raining men. The Pixie: Be careful what you wish for, or better yet, what you allow your friends to wish for.

As Samuel the Dark’s ward, Tam the Pixie is living in the mortal realm under the watchful eye of her guardian angel, Thomas. However, when she gives Thomas one free wish, she never expects that he’ll use it to turn her life upside down. The Angel: Temptation so strong you can taste it.

Guardian Angel Gideon Black has found a new career since being granted his freedom from the Heavens. Working as a professional fighter has given Gideon a place to release his powers. However, he has another outlet in mind—Skylar Jones. The Devil: Because only the dead go there… Once upon a time, Rowena pulled Randall Cruz into a supernatural fight to regain her powers.

In retaliation, Randall cast a spell that gave him the control she seeks. Except for a few angels, a zombie, and an outrageous pixie, Randall enjoyed his quiet life as owner of the local apothecary before Rowena pushed her way in. Since the day they met, he’s been forced to battle a pirate, give up wearing glasses, and now deal with the Devil.

Every day, he braces for what will come next. Undeniable attraction, struggle for dominance, and love to last through the ages comes to life in this battle for the only uncontrollable element-- the heart.

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Publication Order of Shining Armor Books

His Knight

Parkerson, Charity 2017

Tragedy brought them together. Love will forge them like steel.The last thing Benny expected was to find himself in the middle of an active shooter event on campus. Canyondale University isn’t the type of place he imagined becoming the center of such brutality.

After getting shot in the thigh, he would’ve been dead if not for the SWAT member who rushed to his aid at the moment one of the gunmen was bent on finishing the job.An explosion of violence is a typical day for Wyatt. It’s his job to charge headfirst into the worst situations.

This time is different. Downed by several bullets and left for dead, he might not have made it out alive if not for an unlikely hero—a young college student named Benny. Now, Wyatt can’t stay away from Benny. The man’s dry wit and courageous heart has him mesmerized.

Unfortunately, Wyatt’s near-death experience has his ex seeing the light and wanting him back.Relationships built under such stressful circumstances aren’t known to last, especially when meddling exes are involved. Thankfully for Wyatt, Benny isn’t easily budged, and he’s not giving up his knight without a fight.

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His Loss

Parkerson, Charity 2018

There are millions of reasons people could call Richie insane. Richie knows it’s only one—losing Bryce.After an undercover operation went wrong, Richie spent two months in captivity. The experience left him with more issues than he can count. Everything he suffered at the hands of a drug lord is nothing compared to the hell he brought upon himself afterward by leaving the only man he’s ever loved—Bryce.

Each morning, Bryce rides the train to work while pretending he doesn’t feel his ex’s stare on his skin. Richie left him. Bryce shouldn’t care how the man feels. He wants to let it go. However, when the pair end up trapped in an elevator, and Richie breaks down, Bryce does the only thing he can think to do to reach Richie.

He kisses him.Bryce’s kiss gives Richie something he never thought to have again—hope. Now Richie can’t stop trying to win back the man of his dreams before it’s too late. He has one trick left up his sleeve that never fails. Richie knows how to set Bryce’s body on fire like no one else, and he’s not afraid to sink to that level to get what he wants.

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His Salvation

Parkerson, Charity 2018

Jayden is the guy everyone wants. Until they have him, that is. Now he’s done with love.For months, Jayden tried winning back his ex while being chased by Darrel. It seemed like the minute he gave in to Darrel and the man won his heart, Darrel was done.

That seems to be Jayden’s lot in life. Men want him until they have him. He’s the thrill of the chase. Now he’s done with men. With his broken heart held tight to his chest, Jayden intends to head to California and start over. Fate has other plans.

One last day on the job is all that stands between Jayden and a new life. That, and the man holding him hostage at the bank.Darrel has loved no one other than Jayden. It’s not Jayden’s fault Darrel is a screw-up. That’s all on Darrel. He’s never been good at holding a relationship together.

That doesn’t mean he intends to let Jayden get away. There’s only one problem; he has to keep the man alive if he hopes to win him back. There’s no lengths Darrel won’t go to for Jayden. Even if it means Darrel has to walk away from Jayden, saving the man from him.

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Publication Order of Sinners Books

The Danger with Sinners

Parkerson, Charity 2012

2012 Finalist for Favorite Paranormal Romance in the Australian Romance Readers' Awards.The Society of Sinners and the Safe Haven Corporation team up in Parkerson's third installment of the Sinners Series, in order to locate and capture head of Research Inc.

, Tacha Vasiliev. Tacha is accused of using her company as a cover for development of a weapon of mass destruction, the ultimate vampire.Caleb Cook, aka Danger, is sent to infiltrate the home of Sr. V.P. Narmer Horus in hopes of uncovering clues to Tacha's whereabouts.

Disguised as head of security, Danger finds his biggest challenge isn't Narmer himself, but his headstrong daughter, Kim. However, just as Danger is not what he appears to be, neither is Kim. **Added Bonus**Sinners 3.5~An Erotic Short After a vicious attack by a creature of the night, Annie James loses not only her ability to walk in the sunlight but also the man of her dreams, Adio.

Adio's guilt over his failure to keep Annie safe has kept him at a distance, and although he has kept a close watch on her since her turning, he has made no attempt to reclaim the love they once shared...until now.

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Publication Order of Spiced Life Books

A Splash of Hope

Parkerson, Charity 2012

An out-of-control sister... A jilted billionaire groom... An old flame still burning...  What could go wrong?  Two years ago, Faith left her hometown and the man of her dreams, vowing to never return. She knows the choices she made to support her sister has painted her in an unwelcome light in a town where everyone knows her name.

All Faith wants is to start over somewhere else. To be invisible. Unfortunately, fate has other plans. When Faith’s younger sister leaves the town’s hottest bachelor standing at the altar and disappears, it forces Faith to face her past and the man she left behind.

It’s too bad he’s the same man her sister jilted. With a bit of luck, some devious planning, and a splash of hope Faith might get her happily ever-after... whether or not she wants it. 

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A Dash of Desire

Parkerson, Charity 2014

He wants to tame her… After losing his wife to her wild ways at a young age, Tristan moved on to follow a higher calling. He finds comfort in helping others and has no intention of inviting drama back into his life. That is, until temptation blows into town.

She wants to corrupt him… Riley is a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered, and bitter soul. Down on her luck and on the run from another terrible decision, the last thing she needs is a soul-saving hottie pushing his way into her life. But will they end up destroying each other? Taming Riley becomes an obsession for Tristan.

With his reputation on the line and Riley’s heart on the table, can Tristan find a way to keep both? It only takes a dash of desire to ignite a flame when this savior and sinner collide. But this is one inferno that could end up destroying them both.

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Publication Order of Sugar Babies Books

Kinky Baby

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Trace is young, hot, and used to being the boss. Hunter isn’t looking for any of that.When Trace moved from California to Colorado, it was only business. Raised by great businessmen, everything Trace touches turns to gold. At twenty, he’s the youngest and most successful nightclub owner around.

With an uncanny talent of always knowing the hottest trends, Trace has fattened his already bulging pockets. He’s content with focusing on his career. Then he meets Hunter, and nothing feels right anymore.Hunter’s stress has stress. He doesn’t have time for a young, hot, too-much-of-everything guy.

In fact, Hunter’s so busy drowning in debt and dealing with his son’s issues, he doesn’t have the energy for anyone. The last thing he needs is sexy, barely-classified-as-an-adult Trace taking over his life. But damn, Trace controls his every thought.

Hunter doesn’t know where to go with that. All Hunter knows is, he’d better find a way to let Trace in or lose him forever.Kinky Baby is the first book in a series, Sugar Babies—a collection of May/December M/M romances centered on younger men who take care of their older other halves.

It’s a twist on Charity Parkerson’s popular Sugar Daddies series.

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Broken Baby

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Lane has his share of addictions. Walker is one.After months of rehab, Lane finally feels like life is headed in the right direction. Between starting his own business and helping out Trace with Club Incubus, his bank account is looking fantastic too.

His friendship with Walker gets deeper every day. Until Lane looks over one day and realizes he’s in love with the guy.Walker never expects to fall for someone half his age, especially someone like Lane. For a long time, Walker didn’t even like the guy.

After months of visiting doctors together, getting Lane’s life on track, now Walker is the one who needs help. The only difference is, Walker has no intention of dragging Lane into his problems. Lane just finished rehab. Walker can’t disrupt his life.

It’s too bad Walker ends up crushing Lane in the process of keeping him at arm’s length.Can these two men meet in the middle while both on shaky ground? Lane is up for the challenge. If only Walker would let him in.

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Sweet Baby

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Dillion needs a keeper. Beck needs a place to live. They’re the perfect match. In every way.Being famous isn’t everything, especially for someone too sweet for his own good like Dillion. Everyone takes advantage of Dillion. He doesn’t know how to say no, even to save himself.

Dillion has been quietly in love with someone who destroys him for way too long. When he meets a homeless waiter, Dillion does what he always does—comes to the rescue. Thankfully, his new friend has something Dillion desperately needs—courage to stick up for what’s right.

Beck is having a hell of a day. He’s stuck covering for a lazy co-worker while simultaneously getting evicted from his apartment. Luckily, his first customer of the day is Dillion Taylor, a famous child actor who is known all over the world. When Beck overhears Dillion’s date being rude, he does what Dillion doesn’t have the courage to do—he puts the man in his place.

It’s a moment that seals his fate as Dillion’s next rescue mission.While Dillion might not be brave enough to stand up for himself, he’s an unmovable force when it comes to taking over Beck’s life. It’s Beck’s bad luck that he also gets his heart stolen by the tiny angel, because Dillion is in love with a total dick.

If Beck can’t find a way to pry Dillion from his unhealthy obsession with someone nowhere near good enough to own him, he could lose his chance forever. That’s one loss Beck can’t survive.

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Salty Baby

Parkerson, Charity 2019

This isn’t love, but their feelings are just as intense and unwavering. It’s hate… Maybe.Falcon’s best friend used to date the world’s biggest nightmare. Mason is conceited, self-serving, and out for only himself. Falcon hates him. He’ll do anything to keep Mason away from Dillion.

That’s how Falcon ends up a guest at a weekend destination wedding he has no desire to attend, but he can’t let Dillion go alone. It’s a plan that seems perfect until Mason ends up in the wrong bed.There was a time when Mason would have gone to any length to get Dillion back.

Now, he’s just trying to get through this wedding with his pride intact. It’s a hope that’s dashed the minute he makes a wrong turn on the way to his room. Or did he?With no chance of ever being with Dillion again, Mason tries moving on, but the direction he’s headed seems every bit as doomed.

Even though Falcon hates him, he keeps coming around. Each time Mason finds himself in Falcon’s company, it seems like the world is conspiring to throw them together. Except the truth is a bit more lurid, and their secret has them in real danger of losing everyone they care about.

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Publication Order of Sugar Daddies Books

Sugar Fighter

Parkerson, Charity 2018

Zeke is the older man. The richer man. The man who plans to give Korey the world.As MMA’s Light Heavyweight champion, Zeke’s million-dollar matches and multi-million-dollar sponsorships have given him the freedom to do whatever he likes. It pleases him to spoil Korey.

Before Zeke’s best friend Charlie was deployed two years ago, he made Zeke swear he’d care for his brother Korey if anything happened to him. When Charlie is killed by a roadside bomb, Zeke takes the young college student in, determined to give him everything he requires to succeed.

He never expects to end up hoping he can keep Korey under more than his roof. He needs Korey beneath him.If Korey had been in his right mind after Charlie’s death, he would’ve turned down Zeke’s offer. By the time he realizes his mistake, he’s already addicted to Zeke’s powerful presence.

He never meant to end up dependent on the man’s smiles and hot glances. The money, Korey could live without. The man has him hooked. There’s only one problem—neither man wants to cross the line from friends to lovers, ruining what they have.Sugar Fighter is a short introduction to a new series by Charity Parkerson, Sugar Daddies.

This series will feature male/male May/December romances where the men are hot, rich, naughty, and don’t like to be told no.

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Sugar Boss

Parkerson, Charity 2018

Zander didn’t get where he is by playing nice. Everyone has a price. Maverick is no exception.Maverick knew when he met Zander he’d have to set boundaries. Zander Kapra already has more than any one man should, and Maverick doesn’t intend to join the list of faceless men Zander has probably bedded.

It doesn’t help that Zander is in the position to make or break Maverick’s MMA career. Maverick would never let any man have that kind of power over him.As owner of all the Luna hotels and casinos on the West Coast, Zander controls who can enter bet fights in his cages.

Maverick caught his eye months ago. Every Friday night, Zander makes a point of being wherever Maverick is, stalking him. Waiting for his chance. There’s something about the cocky fighter. Zander has to have him, but Maverick doesn’t treat him like everyone else.

It doesn’t matter. Zander didn’t get where he is by playing nice. He gets who he wants. Whenever he wants them. He won’t allow Maverick to be an exception.From day one, Maverick and Zander struggle for dominance, but Maverick has bigger problems than Zander’s overbearing ways.

Zander’s secrets might be a harder punch than he can take.

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Sugar Bear

Parkerson, Charity 2018

When two men with zero inhibitions start a game of truth or dare, a love affair is born.Things with Jude started so harmless. One nice conversation, an offer to get drinks, and then nothing was innocent any longer. Hendrix has a past. One he strives to keep hidden.

For that reason, and several others, he’s always kept to himself. It isn’t until he gets to know Jude that he lets himself live again, but not without fear. Hendrix never forgets Jude doesn’t know him and wouldn’t like him if he did.Despite their almost twenty-year age difference, Hendrix is the best thing that’s ever happened to Jude.

He’s smart, enjoys all the same interests, and is kinky as hell. On paper, they’re perfect together. The reality is, Hendrix is hiding something. Jude won’t stop until he uncovers the truth or destroys them trying.When Hendrix’s past slaps Jude in the face, he’ll have to choose—accept what he’s learned or lose the greatest man he’s ever met.

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Sugar Tycoon

Parkerson, Charity 2018

Bored, rich, and wild. Who could love someone like that?Wyld West is the billionaire playboy who’s as eccentric as his name. Not only has he never been in love, Wyld doesn’t believe it exists. Until an angelic younger man comes to his rescue and nothing makes sense any longer.

While delivering meals to the homeless, Micah stumbles upon Wyld, bleeding and in need of help. Two months later, he’s still finding ways to see Wyld. The man is caustic and unlikable. In fact, everyone constantly warns Micah against a friendship with Wyld, but all Micah sees is someone as lonely as him.

When Wyld makes Micah a crazy and unexpected offer, it’ll be them against the world. Micah will have his work cut out for him if he hopes to keep his family, friends, and his sugar tycoon. Luckily, Micah is a fighter. Now, if only everyone else would cooperate.

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Sugar Dom

Parkerson, Charity 2018

Their off-limits relationship nearly destroyed them both. So why can’t they let go?Detroit crossed a line into the taboo when he fell in love with his best friend’s dad. There’d been a time when he believed Payne might love him too. Occasionally, he’d caught glimpses of something in Payne’s eyes.

Then, they’d been outed. Now, they’re over, and Detroit isn’t the same. He’ll never be the same.Payne believes in discipline and control. So much so, he owns a club where people pay lots of money to be punished by him. Detroit is the only person who’s ever tested his will.

Almost losing his son over the man brought back his strength. No one is worth that loss, except he can’t let go. The memory of the way Detroit shook him to his core won’t stop haunting him. He doesn’t know how to move past it.Now that Detroit is living and fighting in Vegas, hundreds of miles from Payne, he’s trying to start over.

That is, until a single moment changes everything.

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Sugar Bastard

Parkerson, Charity 2018

Meeting Omen was like a dream come true for Keegan. Until he fell in love. Then it was a nightmare.It had always been one of Keegan’s secret fantasies to meet his favorite band, Slight Bastards. When it happened by complete accident, Keegan couldn’t believe his luck.

Then he found himself the center of the lead singer, Omen’s, attention, and everything felt like a dream. Loving Omen came so easily. That is, until Omen made Keegan hate him.The first time Omen set eyes on Keegan, he was caught. Keegan’s stunning beauty confused Omen in a way he’d never expected.

Before Keegan, Omen hadn’t dated men. If he’d found one in his bed during a multi-person adventure, he hadn’t balked, but one-on-one, Omen never thought it would be his thing. He doesn’t want to start now, except he can’t stay away. Falling in love with Keegan was easy.

Being in love with him is the hardest thing Omen has ever faced. That is, until he watches Keegan’s love turn to hate.Omen doesn’t know how to fix the damage he’s done. Luckily, his friends have a plan. Now all it will take is everything if Omen hopes to win back his heart, but is it too late?

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Sugar Heart

Parkerson, Charity 2018

On the surface, Cortland and Driver are perfect for each other. In truth, they’re a one-night stand gone wrong just waiting to happen.When Cortland first met Driver, Driver was homeless and messed up in the head. None of that mattered to Cortland. He’s drawn to Driver’s strength.

For someone who’s always felt helpless and weak, Driver’s scary possessiveness is like a warm blanket. That doesn’t mean Cortland has any intentions of getting tied down.Driver has wanted Cortland from day one. The problem is Cortland is older, richer, and out of Driver’s league in every way.

When Cortland offers Driver a no-strings-attached one-night stand, Driver jumps at the chance to use the night to—finally—win the elusive man. He never expects the night to reveal he never knew Cortland at all.After Cortland disappears the next morning, Driver will have to fight like he never has if he hopes to woo the man back.

It’ll take every skill he possesses. But a love like theirs is worth risking everything.

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Sugar Protector

Parkerson, Charity 2018

They based their relationship on a contract. That doesn’t mean it isn’t love.Almost three years ago, Jonah threw everything to the wind and joined a sugar daddy website. At the time, he cared less about who took care of him as long as someone cared about him.

He never expected his very first contract would the only one he’d ever need.John Green has money and loves spending it. After all, he works hard. He deserves all the best comforts in life. Becoming someone’s sugar daddy, ensuring he gets what he wants when he wants it, doesn’t embarrass him in the least.

He’s paid the bills for more than one younger lover over the years. Jonah is the first to make him want to be wanted for himself, and not his money.John and Jonah have been a love match from day one. Fate will have to shake things up to get these stubborn men to admit to feeling a single thing.

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Sugar Obsession

Parkerson, Charity 2019

It was one innocent date that led to a single kiss. Infatuation was born.When Tyrone and David agreed to attend John and Jonah’s wedding together, that’s all they meant the date to be. Tyrone doesn’t have much room in his life for a man. He’s more than a little surprised how drawn he is to David.

Not only do they have a lot in common for two people who are several years apart in age and social status, there’s a heat between them he can’t deny. Still, Tyrone isn’t sure that’s enough to bridge the gap between them. David has never been an overly emotional person.

In fact, he’s been single more years than he can count. Yet, he felt nothing lacking. Until Tyrone’s kiss, that is. From the first skipped heartbeat in Tyrone’s arms, nothing else matters. David needs all the messy emotions and entanglements he’s avoided.

He wants them with Tyrone and he won’t stop until he wins. Unless Tyrone ends up dead first. If David hopes to keep the man he loves safe, he must do things no one else would ever suspect. Tyrone is worth any risk. 

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Sugar Enemy

Parkerson, Charity 2019

After months of push and pull, Law and Coy are the line between love and hate.Since the day David brought Coy home, black and blue and in need of protection, Law has felt more than he should. Coy always takes him through every emotion. Law doesn’t want to want Coy.

Coy is as dramatic as he is beautiful. He’s also the angriest person Law has ever met. Law is too old to deal with a sexy, young mess. He can’t stop.It seemed the second Coy found himself working for Law, nothing he did was good enough. No matter how hard he tries, Law finds him lacking.

That doesn’t explain why Law looks at him like no one ever has or why Coy burns for Law’s touch. Most of all, Law makes him feel safe. Not only is that something Coy has never experienced, it’s something he needs, because Coy is a magnet for the damaged.

As crazy as Coy might make Law, Coy is his. No one touches Coy. Looks at Coy. Steals Coy from him. Unless he doesn’t step up his game, that is.

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Sugar Port

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Kato doesn’t realize he needs a port. Until Brad storms in, that is.Meeting Brad is a soothing balm to Kato’s soul. Since he lost his eyesight two years ago, nothing has been the same. Where he’d once been chased by all the men, now he feels like he’s nothing more than a burden on the only friend he has left.

Then, Brad bursts into his life.It’s been a year since Brad caught his ex cheating. Losing their seven-year relationship under such ugly circumstances has left Brad slightly bitter. He’s definitely less trusting than before. That’s why, when a sexy and much younger man catches his eye, Brad is determined to keep his heart out of the deal.

Two jaded men find common ground in the most unexpected way. But someone will have to be the first to take a chance on love if they hope to be more than a nighttime fling.

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Sugar Alpha

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Since losing his husband, Flynn has been waiting for a sign his life hasn’t stopped. He’s about to get one.It’s been a few years since Flynn’s husband passed away. Since losing the love of his life, he’s been stuck in traction. He’s good at being a dom.

Working at the Den of Payne keeps him busy. It’s not sexual. He doesn’t need the money. The job simply fills his empty days. Flynn is convinced his heart no longer works, and then he meets Jake.Jake hates his life. Everything about it. Every day when he walks into work, he dreams of quitting and running away from his family’s expectations.

The weight of being the perfect son, brother, and lawyer is crushing him. Jake can’t see a way out. Right when Jake thinks he’ll suffocate, Flynn pushes his way into Jake’s life. Flynn is controlling and dominant. He’s also loving and everything Jake never knew he needed.

Flynn’s refusal to allow Jake to disobey might just be the thing that finally sets Jake free. It’s possible becoming Jake’s daddy is what Flynn’s been preparing for his whole life too.

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Sugar Sentry

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Easton’s been living one day at a time since his attack. Life has other plans for him.Exactly one year ago, Easton’s life came crashing down. A vicious attack left him deeply scarred inside and out. From the ashes of his life, he’s rebuilt himself into someone new.

His life is different in many ways, but—mostly—he’s found a better version of happiness in a new business. Opening his own bakery has been a lifesaver for him. He’s thrown himself into becoming a massive success. For the most part, he’s content.

Until Nico walks in and shakes the foundation of Easton’s newfound peace.After a year of watching over Easton from a distance, Nico has decided to take on a more hands-on approach. Easton is getting better, but he’s not really living, and Nico can’t put up with that anymore.

He’s decided to take his self-imposed guardianship role to the next level and lure Easton out of his fear-encased shell. There are just a few problems with his plan. He loves Easton, Easton doesn’t think he deserves love, and Nico is carrying around one hell of a secret that could ruin everything.

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Sugar Enforcer

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Whiskey lives for justice. Justice doles it out.In an attempt to live more openly, Whiskey takes a chance on a local club. He’s worked the neighborhood for fifteen years as a police detective, but never interacted much with the community. It doesn’t take long to discover he doesn’t fit in.

Luckily, Justice swoops in and everything about Whiskey’s life changes.Meeting Whiskey wasn’t an accident. It was a calculated move on Justice’s part. Whiskey has been asking questions Justice needs him to stop asking. Months of watching Whiskey lets him know Whiskey can’t be bought.

Not with money anyhow. Justice has other ways to keep Whiskey occupied, and he’s not opposed to using every trick in his arsenal to get his way.Two men from opposites sides of the law. Feelings that can’t be denied. It’s a recipe guaranteed to blow up in everyone’s face, and they might not survive the fallout.

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Sugar Hero

Parkerson, Charity 2019

He is Adrik’s hero. Their love is inevitable.Two and a half years ago, Detective Leo Humphrey swept in and saved Adrik from a monster. He gave Adrik his first real home. Falling in love with Leo is out of Adrik’s control. There is no one else for Adrik, but he’s not sure Leo can say the same.

Even though Adrik is way too young for Leo, and Leo was Adrik’s guardian for six months before he turned eighteen, Leo can’t help the way he feels. Adrik is twenty now. He has come a long way from the mess he was when Leo rescued him from a nightmare.

Leo isn’t sure he has come far enough, though. Adrik needs to have time to look at his options, and Leo is prepared to give him that time, no matter how much it hurts.Neither Adrik nor Leo are looking anywhere else but at each other. Hopefully, they can figure that out before they ruin everything.

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Sugar Guards

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Yaro and Pytor have been a couple for as long as they have memories. Legend has no one. The longtime couple are about to change that.Since cancer stole Legend’s mom, he has been completely alone in the world. He has never considered himself smart or talented in any way.

His looks and ability to charm anyone have kept him from ending up homeless by working as an escort. Everyone is willing to hire Legend as arm candy, but no one wants him for him. Each time Legend meets someone he is truly interested in dating, they are already in love with someone else.

Pytor and Yaro are no exception. At least, that’s what he thinks.Pytor and Yaro have always been together. Neither man can recall a time without the other. Not once have they considered sharing their lives with anyone else. Until they meet Legend, that is.

Legend is beautiful and sweet. He’s an old soul who needs a place to rest. Yaro and Pytor want to give him the home he desperately needs, but Legend is a little harder to convince than they expected.After a botched attempt at making things work, the longtime couple will have to prove they aren’t like everyone else Legend has met in the past.

That’s a tall order, considering Legend has every intention of completely disappearing from their lives.

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A Sugar Daddy for Winter

Parkerson, Charity 2021

Everyone knows the holidays suck for single people. One trip to Aspen with Winter, and Ivan knows they won’t be spending another year alone.Even though Ivan has a high-paying job, that doesn’t mean he has any desire to be anyone’s sugar daddy. He’s seen men his age go through their mid-life crisis with gold diggers and doesn’t want to be that guy.

Unfortunately, there’s one thing worse than being used for his money—being alone during the holidays. He’s about to strike a deal to end that horrible tradition.Winter only knows Ivan as the surly Russian who gets a single drink at his bar each night and always leaves a huge tip.

The last thing he expects is Ivan’s sudden offer for a trip to Aspen. A moment of pure insanity mixed with the holiday blues has him accepting. He has no idea how to act or what to expect. There’s no way he could prepare for the storm known as Ivan that upturns his life.

A Sugar Daddy for Winter is a short standalone story loosely connected to Charity Parkerson’s Sugar Daddies series. While there is no need to have read any of the series to enjoy this book, if you’re interested, Sugar Daddies is a contemporary romance, age-gap series where the men are hot, rich, and don’t like to be told no.

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Publication Order of Ugly Eternity Books

Heart's Beat

Parkerson, Charity 2014

By day, Cade works as a mechanic. By night, he’s the drummer for a popular nightclub band. Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream. That is, until Cade meets Dylan. For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity.

There’s no way he could’ve foreseen how torturous the position would become. Six months of craving Cade has driven Dylan insane. No matter what he tries, Dylan can’t get a clear read on Cade. When Cade does finally make his move, Dylan realizes a fate worse than never having the man of his dreams—being kept a secret.

**Author note**Heart's Beat is the introduction to a new series, Ugly Eternity, and will be available for $0.99 for a limited time.

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Heart's Strum

Parkerson, Charity 2015

For a moment, Jamie held the world, even though it wasn’t his to hold…Jamie has spent his entire life playing the good twin. Now, he’s the one standing out after signing with Guillotine Records. Two years of being on his own in California hasn’t lessened his desire for the man who made it happen.

Too bad that man belongs to one of Jamie’s oldest friends.Fate is about to hand him an unexpected chance.After losing everything, Hawke needs a break from reality. Too many lies and heartaches have left him with nothing except nightmares he can’t escape.

Seeing Jamie again reminds him of a different time—one where Jamie made him feel a spark of something pure.Can Jamie undo the years of damage caused by his so-called friend?In the face of everything Maddox has done to Hawke, Jamie can’t let this chance pass him by.

No friendship in the world is strong enough to overlook the pain Maddox has caused. Jamie can’t think of a thing he’d rather do than pick up the pieces of Hawke’s life, but will Hawke let him?Sometimes the most beautiful relationships spring from the most broken places.

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Heart's Duo

Parkerson, Charity 2015

What began as a half-baked scheme to help his brother win the man of his dreams has become a tailspin Joss can’t escape. His actions and secrets have kept him from making any real claim on the woman who captured his attention years ago.But secrets have a way of coming to light.

Maddox has known from almost the beginning Joss has been playing games with his life. What he doesn’t realize is how deep the man’s deception runs. When Cade and Dylan’s wedding reception brings everyone together in one place, the entire story is revealed with a little help from Benton.

And Hell hath no fury like a man with nothing left to lose.The implosion Joss has braced for has finally come to pass, changing everything forever. With Jamie and Hawke in another country, enjoying their happily ever after, Maddox is about to teach Joss a valuable lesson in toying with other people’s lives.

What happens when bad decisions, manipulations, good intentions, and misunderstandings combine? It’s an Ugly Eternity.

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Heart's Chord

Parkerson, Charity 2015

Even though he already has more to do than there are hours in the day, Finn has no problem adding Austen to his life. The sexy former marine is the only good thing that’s happened to Finn in a long time.For Austen, Finn is the perfect man. If he sees anything lacking in Austen, he never shows it.

But falling in love with Finn changes everything for Austen. All the insecurities he’s faced since he has come home from deployment confined to a wheelchair come rushing back to the surface. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t let Finn in.When Finn decides he’s had enough of not being enough, and his dreams come crashing down around him, he’s ready to walk away from everything for good.

But he never counted on Austen’s reaction to losing him, or how far his Ugly Eternity family will go to make his dreams a reality.**Author note**This is an Ugly Eternity bonus story. The timeline runs concurrent with Heart's Duo. It can be read as a standalone.

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Ugly Eternity [Complete]

Parkerson, Charity 2015

Book one: Heart’s BeatBy day, Cade works as a mechanic. By night, he’s the drummer for a popular nightclub band. Music has always been his greatest love and biggest dream. That is, until Cade meets Dylan.For Dylan, working as head bartender for Club Khronos is the ultimate job opportunity.

There’s no way he could’ve foreseen how torturous the position would become. Six months of craving Cade has driven Dylan insane. No matter what he tries, Dylan can’t get a clear read on Cade. When Cade does finally make his move, Dylan realizes a fate worse than never having the man of his dreams—being kept a secret.

Book two: Heart’s SongHawke swore one day he’d hate Maddox for using him…Maddox, lead singer of the band, Ugly Eternity, is a man of many secrets. Unfortunately, Hawke isn’t one of them. He’s been openly using Hawke for his delicious body for over a year, taunting him with a half-life, and always giving him just enough hope to keep him hanging on.

When three tiny and heartless words finally break Hawke, the day of reckoning arrives…Book three: Heart’s StrumFor a moment, Jamie held the world, even though it wasn’t his to hold…Jamie has spent his entire life playing the good twin. Now, he’s the one standing out after signing with Guillotine Records.

Two years of being on his own in California hasn’t lessened his desire for the man who made it happen. Too bad that man belongs to one of Jamie’s oldest friends.Fate is about to hand him an unexpected chance.After losing everything, Hawke needs a break from reality.

Too many lies and heartaches have left him with nothing except nightmares he can’t escape. Seeing Jamie again reminds him of a different time—one where Jamie made him feel a spark of something pure.Can Jamie undo the years of damage caused by his so-called friend?In the face of everything Maddox has done to Hawke, Jamie can’t let this chance pass him by.

No friendship in the world is strong enough to overlook the pain Maddox has caused. Jamie can’t think of a thing he’d rather do than pick up the pieces of Hawke’s life, but will Hawke let him?Sometimes the most beautiful relationships spring from the most broken places.

Book four: Heart’s DuoWhat began as a half-baked scheme to help his brother win the man of his dreams has become a tailspin Joss can’t escape. His actions and secrets have kept him from making any real claim on the woman who captured his attention years ago.

But secrets have a way of coming to light, and Hell hath no fury like a man with nothing left to lose.Book five: Heart's ChordEven though he already has more to do than there are hours in the day, Finn has no problem adding Austen to his life. The sexy former marine is the only good thing that’s happened to Finn in a long time.

For Austen, Finn is the perfect man. If he sees anything lacking in Austen, he never shows it. But falling in love with Finn changes everything for Austen. All the insecurities he’s faced since he has come home from deployment confined to a wheelchair come rushing back to the surface.

No matter how hard he tries, he can’t let Finn in. 

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Publication Order of Undefeated Books


Parkerson, Charity 2012

Undefeated: Book 1 Bryant Smith, co-owner of Smith Brother's fight club, has dedicated his life to fighting and the community. When the money used to finance his charitable project goes missing, he knows that it is an inside job. Reluctant to involve the police, he hires private detective Parker Wilson to go undercover as a self-defense coach to help him catch a thief.

Parker served in the military with Bryant's brother Walt and she jumps at the chance to help a friend. Immediate attraction coupled with close proximity has sparks flying when the pair team up and things heat up as danger closes in. Clashing cultures, a meddling mother, and several sexy suspects makes "Bryant" a battle you don't want to miss.

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Parkerson, Charity 2012
Ace Sparks has spent his life trying to make a name for himself in theworld of MMA, but when he comes to the aid of a friend he learns the mostimportant fights are fought outside the ring. Read More


Parkerson, Charity 2012
When Walt returns home from war achanged man he must convince the woman he loves that he’s worth a second chance. Read More


Parkerson, Charity 2012

From Award Winning Author, Charity Parkerson:Book 4 of the "Undefeated" series.For the past four years MMA champion, Paul Re'vone, has been haunted by the death of hiswife, and his path of self-destruction has landed him a notorious reputation.However, when he has his own brush with death, he'll discover his life isindeed worth fighting for.

Jacquelyn "Jack" Swanson has a past that she would rather forget, and meeting Paul complicatesthings.Can these two overcome their ghosts in order to find love?The "Undefeated" series:BryantAceWalt Paul

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Publication Order of Wrecked Books


Parkerson, Charity 2014

(Erotica, Dark Romance, F/M and M/M scenes, Rock Star Romance, Ménage, Sexy Detective, Alpha Male, Supernatural themes)“Losing her mind wasn’t an experience she enjoyed.”After a steamy night of passion with a dark stranger, Arbor’s life takes on a surreal edge.

Disturbing dreams, lapses in memory, and entire buildings going missing are only a few of her problems. Her search for answers leads her to Detective Trey Murphy, the man in charge of investigating satanic and ritualistic crime for the New Orleans area.

Where do you turn when your mind is the enemy?Meeting Trey only adds to Arbor’s confusion. By day, he keeps her captivated and gains her trust in a way no one else ever has. At night, Arbor’s every fantasy is brought to life by two sexy men who steal away her inhibitions.

Torn between what her heart knows is real and what her eyes show her, Arbor must find the truth before she loses herself completely.But, then again, sometimes reality is more twisted than any dream and love is the cruelest form of insanity.**Author Note**Warning: This isn’t your typical love story.

It’s dark with scenes some may find disturbing. Sometimes love is senseless, and the heart is so very stupid.

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Hard Hit

Parkerson, Charity 2016

Some of the sexiest men in hockey think they have nothing left to lose. Challenge accepted.Collide: On his way home after losing his job, Shayne’s bad day goes farther downhill when a truck slams into him. The sexy man who pulls him from the wreckage, seeing him at his lowest, is either the best or worst thing to happen to Shayne in a long time.

Blow: By most people standards, Ryker is considered odd. As the only child of a notorious conman, he understandably has a few trust issues. Most men are willing to overlook his parentage and strange personality since these days he’s better known as one of the hottest cover models around.

Ryker knows his appearance pays the bills, but it’s also brought grief, stalkers, and one gorgeous cop into his life. There’s one tiny problem with his new-found obsession, Grady—other than being a part of organized law enforcement—he also happens to be straight.

Thrash: Henley has been perched on the edge of self-destruction for years. Drugs, alcohol, and dark fetishes are only a few of his vices. When the only man capable of controlling him turns his back for good, Henley finally crosses the line, losing everything.

Kieran Steele is considered one of the most ruthless agents in the world of sports. His cutthroat tactics have never failed to land the deal of every athlete’s dreams. When he sets his sights on something, he always gets what he wants. What Kieran wants most is Henley.

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Parkerson, Charity 2018

Four months. Countless calls, texts, and steamy nights. All lies.All Army wants is to meet his biggest TV obsession, Tanner Murray. He’s watched the man playing one of Primetime’s sexiest vampires for years. When he learns his celebrity crush is appearing at a local comic con, Army doesn’t waste any time getting his ticket.

After getting lost, making a new friend, and standing in the world’s longest line, Army gets one fan experience he’ll never forget.Tanner, A.K.A. Brit, meets men and women everywhere he goes. Being a celebrity means there’s no shortage of willing bodies.

The only difference between Army and the rest is that Army is the only person Tanner has ever slept with more than once. That doesn’t mean the man has him tied down, or that he knows Tanner at all.After Army walks away from Tanner, he never expects to see the man again.

In fact, he hopes he never will. The only thing Tanner has ever done for Army is break his heart. When circumstances land Tanner on Army’s doorstep, Army vows this time things will be different. He has no idea how right he is.

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Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Of Ghosts and Dreams

Parkerson, Charity 2012
His striking blue eyes and hot caresses haunt Raven’s dreams leaving her longing each day for more, but are they dreams or something more? Read More


Parkerson, Charity 2017

Being with Sebastian is a scandal waiting to happen. Being without him isn’t an option.Several years ago, Chase’s dad married Seb’s mom. It was a short marriage with a disastrous end, but Chase and Seb remained good friends—or so the world thinks.

The truth is a bit more sordid.Chase is the one obsession Seb can’t live without. After losing everything in a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of a blackmailer, Seb has settled in to life with Chase under the guise of handling the man’s fan club.

Now his blackmailer is back and won’t stop until the truth of Seb and Chase’s relationship is revealed.When Chase met Seb, he was no one, and in awe of catching the eye of one of the world’s best snowboarders. Now, after starring in several films and amassing a fortune, he’s the one keeping Sebastian afloat.

Since Seb is the greatest love of his life, it isn’t a chore. When the truth is revealed about Seb’s past, Chase is left no other choice but to handle things his way.Sordid is an erotic tale of two men who fell in love under unfortunate circumstances, and they’ll go to any lengths to hang on to each other.


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An Alpha for Christmas

Parkerson, Charity 2018

Christmas Eve night with a sexy new friend turns into the perfect Christmas. But Austin never expects his dream holiday to ruin his life.Hoping to avoid another yearly gathering of the worst people Austin knows—his family—he volunteers to play Santa’s little helper at the department store where he works.

That’s where the sexiest Santa on the planet comes to his rescue. Will plays Santa every year at his grandfather’s department store. It’s something he oddly enjoys. This year is twice the fun when he’s paired with a mouthwatering elf. When Will finds Austin stranded in the parking lot, he’s more than willing to help.

A ride turns into an amazing night together. The night turns into a weekend that changes both their lives forever. Not necessarily for the good. It’ll take more than a good time in bed to fix Austin’s life. For the first time, Will might have to put someone else first.

 This is a short and steamy story, featuring a character from Charity Parkerson’s Low Blow series. It was written to be a complete standalone, separate from the series.

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Parkerson, Charity 2019

When Summer met Autumn, it was an explosion ofheat.It’s been months since Summer’s longtime girlfriend packed up and left.Despite working in a club where she meets new people every night, Summer hasn’t cared tomove on. All the reasons Zoe left still exist.

Summer doesn’t care to butt heads againstthe same issues with someone new. Then Autumn storms in.Autumn has always been shy and a bit of a bookworm. Since the first time she spottedSummer, Autumn hasn’t stopped fantasizing. Deep down, Autumn is every bit as adventurousas the books she loves.

She just needs the right opening to seize the life she wants.One night of bravery will leave two women addicted. Will they both be brave enough to takea chance on love, or will they let this new season in their lives pass them by? Find out in thisbite-sized standalone F/F story.

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Holly Folly EXmas

Parkerson, Charity 2020

Life didn’t turn out quite like Caine hoped. He wouldn’t change a thing.Through four years of high school, Caine secretly dated his best friend Mitchell. Their secret died a sudden death when Mitchell disappeared one night along with Caine’s sister, Sam.

The pair moved away and married, cutting everyone from their lives. Caine was left behind, floundering and brokenhearted from the betrayal.Three years have passed, and Mitchell and Sam are set to make their first holiday visit since they left town. A lot has changed since the pair last saw Caine.

As much as Caine would like to skip seeing them, Sam is his only family and he doesn’t want to permanently lose their connection. It’s bound to be one heck of a holly folly Christmas with his ex. Especially once Mitchell finds out Caine’s secret.

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Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

Stop Hiding from Blurb Writing

Parkerson, Charity 2019

Does just hearing the word blurb make you throw up a little in your mouth? It might not be as hard as you think.There is nothing worse than losing an entire day of writing time—if not more—struggling to create the perfect blurb. Not to mention, losing your creative stride in your frustration.

Let’s not even talk about it turning into a five-thousand-word-long diarrhea of the mouth. That’s why I decided to create this short and to the point guide to writing blurbs. While using a combination of templates and examples, my hope is to get you to a place where blurb writing is a snap.

Grab your copy and get started on taking back your writing time.

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